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Liakhara Tir'ein

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IC Info
Orange items are known only to a few and not common knowledge

Character Name(s)
Real Name:  Liakhara Tir'ein
Nicknames and/or alias: Lia


Character Basic Stats
Species:  Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Place of Birth: Tyrena, Corellia
Marital Status: Unmarried

Med / Psych
Medical Evaluation: In good physical shape, possible vitamin deficiencies.  Doesn't sleep well.

Psychological Evaluation: She is mentally competent, but with serious relationship issues.  Very withdrawn, mistrustful of others, rarely interacting with anyone beyond the barest level of courtesy.  Very possibly incapable of forming an attachment to others.  Will always run away (literally) rather than deal with anything remotely emotional involving someone else.

Physical Details
Eyes: Blue green
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight:  115
Build: Slim & toned
Skintone: Yellow-tan with green lekku spots
Scars: Large, very noticeable blaster scar over the right/front side of her head & forehead, barely missing her right eye.

Clothing: Doesn’t own much, only a couple changes of clothing, a jacket, and some boots suitable for long treks through the forest. Often carries a backpack.  Won't carry or own a commlink or datapad.

Weapons: Hunting rifle, hunting knife, smaller pocketknife, compound bow & arrows.  Unless actively hunting, is usually only armed with the pocketknife.

Current: Very recently has rented a cheap apartment in Coronet (Aparment 12B), though is still unable to bring herself to sleep there every night.
- Until very recently, no residence.  She lived off the land, following the herds of animals she hunted.
- 12 years ago, a hospital in Coronet, Corellia (for a year and a half)
- 14 years ago, Mos Entha, Tatooine
- 15 years ago, Tyrena, Corellia

Current: None
Prior: The Outer Rim Trader’s Union

Other Noted Training / Abilities
- A survivalist. Very skilled at tracking, hunting, trapping, and withstanding the elements.
- Previously managed a hotel and worked as a bartender.
- Skilled at sewing & making clothing, but hasn't put into practice in many years.
- Studied classical dance as a child, but has not used these skills in decades.

- Parents deceased, and brother supposedly deceased.  14 years ago she came across him, still alive, but has no idea of his current status, and wouldn't admit she knew he was alive even if she did.

- Doesn't own a vehicle.
- Doesn't drink due due to former years of alcohol abuse & very nearly dying from it.
- Drinks plenty of caf when she can afford it, probably using caffeine as an alcohol substitute.
- Possessions are extremely Spartan, owns nothing of a personal or sentimental nature, in stark contrast to the vast amount of emotional baggage she carries around.  Keeps her living space meticulously clean.
- Always carries her toothbrush on her person (to avoid it being used to gather her DNA for use in a tracking droid.)


OOC Info

Days and Times available to RP: Weekend mornings, afternoons

RP Preferences

Play Along With Issued Bounty On You: Yes
Play Along With RP Trial Of You: Yes
RP Capture: Yes
RP Capture Maximum Time: Work it out case by case
RP Slavery: Yes if truly logical & reasonable
Assumed RP Torture (fade to black scenario):  Yes
RPed Out Torture: Yes
Limb Loss: Yes, with discussion beforehand
Permadeath: Yes, with discussion beforehand, as a logical progression of events
Preferred Combat Method: Emotes, dice if necessary


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