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Bindi'i Kenne'dal (Sunstorm)

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IC Info
Orange items are known only to a few and not common knowledge (basically would only be known to members of her family/clan, and those she served with in the Alliance, or their superiors)

Character Name(s)
Real Name:  Bindi'i Kenne'dal-Sunstorm
Nicknames and/or alias: None



Character Basic Stats
Species: Zabrak
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Place of Birth: Lorista
Marital Status: Widowed

Med / Psych
Medical Evaluation: In excellent physical health.  Very fit & active.

Psychological Evaluation: While always hot-tempered, she has become more reckless in her actions since the death of her husband, last year.  Easy to egg into a fight, but she's often satisfied after one or two good punches.  She is very proud, stubborn, and determined.  Generally takes orders well, if she respects the person giving them.

Physical Details
Eyes: Hazel/Green
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 140
Build: Muscular & athletic
Skintone: Medium brown
Tattoos: Her clan jato is a motif of 3 vertical lines done in dark mauve.  She also has a design of orange stylized claws done down the length of her left arm.
Scars: Slash scar across her left palm (evidence of the Loristan marriage ceremony)

Clothing: Favors sleeveless designs.  Mustard yellow, black, and dark mauve (the color of her clan) are prominent in her outfits.  Also often wears bracers or forearm wrappings on both, or sometimes only the right, arm(s).

Weapons: Doesn't usually go around armed, other than on-duty.  Her fists are weapon enough.

Current: Mos Entha, Tatooine

- Lorista
- 13 years ago, Azaki Depot, Talus

Current: Actively seeking new company
Prior: The 101st Daggerwolf Company

Other Noted Training / Abilities
- Excels at hunting with a Loristan short sword and javelin.  (Hunting on Lorista is never done with a blaster.  Stalking and killing prey close-quarters with a blade is considered a sign of braveness & skill.)
- Trained in Alliance military to use a carbine, right-handed

- Clan: ru Nivar'Birena
- Parents, 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister, 13 year old son

- Left-handed
- Speaks broken Basic with a heavy Loristan accent.  This is despite learning it in school, and interacting in a military company where she had to use it daily.  She doesn't like speaking Basic, and considers herself above it.  Her comprehension of Basic is better than her speaking skills.

-Raised in a traditional, large family on the Zabrak colony world of Lorista.  Her father is a clan Elder, and she was very much his favorite, and very close to her eldest brother, Kor'dan.  At age 23, it was decided by her family and clan that she would represent their interests by joining the Rebel Alliance.  Her two older brothers had families of their own, and being unattached and a brave fighter, she was a logical choice. 

She joined the 101st Daggerwolf company (June, 2005), acheived the rank of Private, and became "Delta 2," a pathfinder under the direct command of Delta squad leader, Sergeant Jarome Horati. 

She found her Tai'shan in her company's Executive Officer, Lieutenant Cel'es Sunstorm, and their attraction was immediate and violent.  Neither could resist the siren call of the Tai'shan, and they were married within months.  Bindi'i's family was not pleased at this lack of attention to duty, and when she became pregnant, they were outraged. She had been sent to fight in a war, not to get herself with child and abandon her mission.

A rare blood incompatibility with her unborn child became apparant 6 months into her pregnancy, and she was faced with the choice of aborting the fetus, or be discharged from duty and seek constant medical treatment for the remaining 6 months of her term.  She risked her life, choosing the second option, and received regular blood transfusions for the next 3 months. 

Her parents dutifully took her in during this time, but she was no longer the Golden Child she had once been.  Her presence was barely tolerated by her father and second-oldest brother.  When she was 9 months into her pregnancy, she saw an Imperial broadcast showing a clip of her husband, beaten and bloody, hanging from his feet in a detention cell.  The shock brought on early labor, and she delivered a healthy, though 3 month premature, son.

Eventually, word was delivered that her husband had been rescued from Imperial captivity, and she left with her child to live with a band of Tleru (clanless) Zabraks.  Her husband found her living there a year later, and brought her home to her family.  All was not forgiven, but they were on better terms.

Her husband spent the next several years away part of the time, serving in the military, until he was killed in action last year.  Bindi'i then got it into her head that she had to finish what she had started, and must go back into active service, despite objections from her family that she might leave her son an orphan.  She now sees it as her duty to fight for a better world for him, and left him in the care of her brother Kor'dan, and his wife.

OOC Info

Days and Times available to RP: Weekend mornings, afternoons

RP Preferences

Play Along With Issued Bounty On You: Yes
Play Along With RP Trial Of You: Yes
RP Capture: Yes
RP Capture Maximum Time: Work it out case by case
RP Slavery: Yes if truly logical & reasonable
Assumed RP Torture (fade to black scenario):  Yes
RPed Out Torture: Yes
Limb Loss: Yes, with discussion beforehand
Permadeath: Yes, with discussion beforehand, as a logical progression of events
Preferred Combat Method: Emotes, dice if necessary


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