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Azira Mas'ai

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IC Info
Orange items are known only to a few and not common knowledge

Character Name(s)
Real Name:  Azira Mas'ai
Nicknames and/or alias: Zee


Character Basic Stats
Species: Zabrak
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Lorista
Marital Status: Unmarried

Med / Psych
Medical Evaluation: In excellent physical health, very fit.

Psychological Evaluation: Very controlled and precise.  While capable of remorse, often avoids it by feeling justified in her actions. Hates Jedi.

Physical Details
Eyes: Light Blue
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 130
Build: Muscular & athletic
Skintone: Light
Tattoos: Her clan jato is a motif of 3 vertical lines done in periwinkle. 
Scars: None worth noting


Clothing: Favors blue & teal, "cool" colors.

Weapons: Generally carries a holstered blaster, and often wears a sheathed knife strapped to her calf.  Owns a rather impressive arsenal of blaster carbines & pistols.

Current: Mos Entha, Tatooine

- 8 years ago, Mos Espa Tatooine

- 11 years ago, The Abyss (ship owned by Jeph Celsi)

- 17 years ago, Lorista


Current: <Ka'ra>, licenced with the Bounty Hunter's Guild

Other Noted Training / Abilities
- Excellent shot with a blaster.  Above-average gambler.

- Clan: ru Nivar'Birena
- Father (whereabouts unknown to Azira, probably Lorista)

- Spends credits like water, no matter how much she earns, always seems to be scraping by at the end of the month.

- Born on the Zabrak colony world of Lorista, Azira had a normal childhood until the day after she completed her Selenoren.  With her father away on business, her mother was killed in the crossfire of a bounty hunter taking out his Jedi target, a guest of her mother's.  Thinking she would kill the hunter later, she insisted he take her with him to his ship.  That's not quite what happened...  The bounty hunter, Jeph Celsi, took her on as crew, taught her his trade, and instilled in her a deep hatred for Jedi. 

By fifteen, she had developed an infatuation with Jeph, eventually leading her to throw herself at him.  He let her know in no uncertain terms that such a thing between them was never, ever going to happen.  He began training her on the use of blasters when she was sixteen, but always left her in port when he was on a hunt.  By the age of seventeen, when it became apparent that she was likely to "get herself into trouble" with the boys she was associating with, Jeph quit leaving her alone in port and insisted she accompany him on his hunts, as an apprentice.

At nineteen, Azira ran off with a swoop racer, Drez ("Lucky") Mirin.  They settled in Mos Espa, where he achieved some small fame on the racing circuit, and she took to gambling.  The relationship ended after three years when Azira finally realized he had no ambition in life, and the late nights, fast swoops, and casual spice quit having any appeal for her. 

She moved to Mos Entha, got licensed with the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and started working at the hotel as a bartender for a steady cash-flow, eventually being promoted to Lounge Manager.

Later she was passing though the town of Savareen, on Rori, while tracking a bounty.  She met Icav Ribe, would-be club owner, and partnered with him to found Dark Intentions.  The two became romantically involved, and several years later they moved to Coronet, where the new branch of Dark Intentions was built.

OOC Info

Days and Times available to RP: Weekend mornings, afternoons

RP Preferences

Play Along With Issued Bounty On You: Yes
Play Along With RP Trial Of You: Yes
RP Capture: Yes
RP Capture Maximum Time: Work it out case by case
RP Slavery: Yes if truly logical & reasonable
Assumed RP Torture (fade to black scenario):  Yes
RPed Out Torture: Yes
Limb Loss: Yes, with discussion beforehand
Permadeath: Yes, with discussion beforehand, as a logical progression of events
Preferred Combat Method: Emotes, dice if necessary



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