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How to create and join in-game chat rooms

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Let's say you want to make a chat room for yourself and a group of players.  You're not in the same guild, and for whatever reason, you don't want to group up.  What do you do?

Create a chat room, of course!

Chat rooms can be private (only joinable by players who have been explicitly invited) or public (anyone may see the channel in the chat listing and join).  Chat rooms will persist through logging out, server resets, etc.   Players can leave a chat room any time they wish, and creators may delete chat rooms that they have created.


To create a chat room:

1) Right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel.



2) In the screen that pops up, click to expand "Tarkin's Revenge" then click on "Chat - public chat for this server..." to highlight that line.  Then click the Create Channel button on the left.



3) In the next window that pops up, give the room a name and description.  Room names must be all one word, no spaces, no punctuation or special characters.  And if the chat room doesn't create, you may have used a word it didn't like in the description.  For instance, it doesn't seem to like the word "private."  Try again using a different description.  I'm pretty sure it's using the Restricted Names List as a filter, so check and see that you're not using any words on that list.

You have two checkbox options here, Private Chatroom and Moderated Chatroom.  Private Chatroom means a moderator must invite players to join, and they won't be able to see the chat room as an option unless they are invited.  Moderated Chatroom means only moderators may post in the room.



4) If all went correctly, you'll see the new room in the list, and you'll have a new chat tab for the room.




To invite someone to a private chatroom:

You must be a moderator in the chat room to invite other players. 

There are two ways to invite someone to a room.  The first way is via slash command.  If you are a moderator, you can type "/chatr invite PLAYERNAME ROOMNAME" which will give that player the ability to see the chat room in the list, and they can then join it. 

For example: KPKeP7w.jpg

Player names ARE case-sensitive.  In the example above, typing the player name as "bindi'i" will not work, it has to be "Bindi'i" with a capital B, because that's how the character was created.  Double-check with the person you are trying to invite if it tells you "avatar not found."

You should see the following message if the invite was successful:


The player who has been invited will see a message like this:


The second way to invite someone is through the info menu.  See the instructions for "To make someone a moderator in a chatroom" below - you'll use that same window, but click the Invite button, and type the name of the person you want to invite.



To join a chatroom:

If you want to be invited to a private chatroom, ask someone who is a moderator to invite you.  See the step above.  

If you want to join a public chatroom, or you have already been invited to a private chatroom, right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel.



Click to expand "Tarkin's Revenge," and "Chat - public chat for this server...", and you will see a list of available rooms to join.  Highlight the room you want to join, and click the Join button on the left.  A new chat tab will be created for this channel, and you can click the Done button.  If the room is not a moderated room, you may start chatting in there.  Only moderators may post into a moderated room.  Everyone else is read-only.





To make someone a moderator in a chatroom:

You must currently be a moderator (or the creator) of a chatroom to make other people moderators.  If you want other people to have the ability to invite players to a private chat room (or kick, or ban players), you'll need to give them moderator permissions.

Right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel.



Highlight the room you want to set permissions for, and click the Info button on the left. 



This will bring up a window that shows everyone in your chat room.  Click on the name of the player that you want to make a moderator, and click Set Moderator.  You can revoke moderators, uninvite (cancel someone's invite who hasn't joined yet), ban, unban, and kick players from this window as well.


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