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Accepting Billboard Advertisements

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There are a limited number of billboard slots available, and we're accepting submissions (subject to approval - they need to be tasteful, for an active business, and graphically attractive on the billboard model).  The in-game billboard will rotate images every 10 seconds.

You may use the psd file attached as a template.   The edges wrap around, so fill to the edge but keep the main image inside the red rectangle for best visibility.  Also, large blocks of color work best as fine details are going to be lost as it blows up the image.

If you're giving a waypoint, specify the city and/or planet.  The ratio length to width in the psd is how it looks displayed, but I will have to smush it to 1024 x 512 to get the game to apply it.  It'll stretch back out in game, but of course there'll be some small resolution loss.








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