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So I played swg from day 1.. 2ish lol to it shut down. Played on the bloodfin emu a few times.


So I'm new here.

Any kauri players here? Any good imperal guilds?


I'm an old school pre 9 kauri jedi  saw that jedi are not alpha here witch I'm 100% ok with but with the down grade dose that mean normal xp no visiblelity? Or xp loss on death? I didnt see any guides yet I'm at work so please forgive me on asking questions im sure are posted somewhere.



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Amount of visibility to appear on terminals has been lowered, fellow force users do not generate visibility so you can group with guildies to go grind with a modicum of safety, beyond that everything here is fairly stock. We do have a Jedi Vision thread that is worth scoping out you can find that in the link below.


We've tried to avoid making too many changes to Jedi as their code base is still in flux and we are a very small team so moving things around that we may have to rewrite/change to make work with any of Emu's changes wasn't a wise investment of our initial resources.



[Increased] Player bounty mission payouts
[Modified] Visibility so that other Jedi do not trigger visibility
[Decreased] Visibility threshhold for Jedi to go on BH terminals

[Added] Custom-named broken lightsaber hilt trophy when a BH defeats a player Jedi mission target


[Modified] Saber block to be ineffective when knocked down, and effectiveness reduced by half when intimidated

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I also played on Kauri! I was with the (mostly) Imperial guild PHO, based out of Tantiss, Naboo.

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