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  1. From: SWG Wiki & other online source(s) /grouploot Sets loot options. Typing /grouploot will bring up the below-menu where you can set Free For All: You loot you keep Master Looter: Only group leader gets the goods Lottery: You select what you wish to keep from a window: Random: As it implies, from anything looted by anyone, anyone in group can receive it. /makeleader Sets the target as group leader. /leavegroup Removes yourself from the group. If you are the leader a new one will be set automatically. /invite Invite the named or targeted player to a group (only group leaders can invite additional people into an existing group). /uninvite Cancel the group invitation to the named or targeted player. /join Joins group or band if you have been invited. /makeLeader Group leader only - transfers leadership to named or targeted group member. /makeMasterLooter Make the named or targeted player the master looter for the group. /groupchat Sends message to group channel. /dismissGroupMember Dismiss the named or targeted player from the group. /disband Group leader only - disbands current target, or entire group if no target is named.
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