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  1. Hey Willy and Lia! Great to hear from familiar faces. I haven't even fired up the game, but the site is looking awesome! I couldn't jump in game yesterday cause I had obligations and I knew I wouldn't be able to leave once I got in. I've got so much to relearn hehe, it's gonna be like a brand new game I already know I love!
  2. "This is the server you're looking for." -- Kenshi Jedi mind trick A long time ago in a server far, far away... I had some of the most fun I've ever had gaming. It was a place called the "Tarkin" server and it was amazing! I and my adventurous friends, Freak4Ink and Ozzy, traveled the planets seeking fame and fortune. I've never been an RPer, but I loved the PVE experience and community on Tarkin. It was a sad day when it closed. I tried a couple other servers, but they just couldn't live up to my expectations after Tarkin. And what did I run across today... Tarkins Revenge. Can't wait to take a look at things. Hope to bump into some old friends and make some new ones!
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