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  1. This is the beta version for the ongoing complete remake of the Star Wars Galaxies GUI. The beta will be updated here when a new version is released. This is a beta version intended to help me discover bugs and minor flaws. Thank you for your support and help. The GUI functions fully in its current state, the ongoing work with adding new art and recoding every ui file, should not affect your experience of using the UI. I recomend using the Black Sabbath UI Style i have made, that style are designed fully to be optimal for this UI. Every other style works well however. Known flaws: - Login and character screen have not been skinned. (they use my old center design) - Most UI windows have not been recoded, but work in their original version. - Tooltip background is cut on the left side. (still looking for the cause of this). - Chat have a thin line in the background just next to scrollbar. (this will be fixed with recoding the chat files) - Some ui windows have more transparency than intended. (this will be fixed with recoding those ui files). Download: skolten_ui_3_0_1_beta.rar Install: Unpack in your SWG folder. The forums are lowering the quality of the screenshot, look s a lot better in game.
  2. You have to organize the stuff yourself, i have lots of additional mods i did not want to include here as i do not want to force them on everyone, let me know what you are looking for and i will provide an optional download for that.
  3. As requested here are the download for my latest version of my UI. Keep in mind that the fonts are small & thin and 100% intended to be like that, so if you want your fonts larger or bold, you this UI is probably not for you. All UI elements have been adjusted for optimal OCD satisfaction. I also intent to change most ui fonts from bold to normal in the future, they will most likely be additional downloads and be optional. Skolten_UI_OCD_(Feb 2020).7z Extract into your SWG folder. (SWGFolder/ui & SWGFolder/texture) First time setup will require you to drag UI into the positions you want them and group UI need some additional dragging to get the arrows in place. Log out to character screen to save your UI postions.
  4. I have not been able to figure out what file is needed, i first tried with style.inc but that didnt work for ppl. Some have done this to get it to work: : first I extracted kay's preCu ui color schemes mod into the ui folder and replaced a file with yours
  5. I have created 4 new UI Styles or Themes for Tarkin's Revenge, they can be downloaded here. All are easy on the eye. Download: ui_palette_ground.inc Install: drop both files in to /ui in your SWG folder. Black Sabbath by Skolten Matrix Green by Skolten Silver Lining by Skolten Purple Rain by Skolten
  6. Hey all, This is an attempt to create a list for all to use with mission difficulties for all mobs. Reply with your findings and i will update the initial post with the info. Rori Security Forces (a RSF camp, a large RSF outpost) Planet: Naboo Difficulty: Mid 2
  7. As the title says this is a attempt to recreate our old timezone list with our characters. Please use the listed format for posting, i will update the initial post with your info. You are free to keep it simple if you do not want all your stats on the list. No worries about the colors, i will format that into the list myself. Discord Nickname: Skolten (SnakeEye#2127) Forum Nickname: Skolten Info: Imperial, Guild SHDWS, Mayor of Theed Timezone: CET (GMT +1) Characters Skolten Commando 0040/TKA 0404/Fencer 0440/Pistoleer 0040/Medic 2000 Ryron Master Artisan/Master Architect/Master Weaponsmith/Some Merchant Sweitt Master Swordsman/Pistoleer 0040/Medic 2200/Fencer 0440/Pikeman 0040 Snakeeye Ranger 0030/CH 4004/Master Swordsman *** Discord Nickname: ParadymShift#5150 Forum Nickname: ParadymShift Info: Rebel, Guild Leader of <KA'RA>, Mayor of Coronet Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Characters Icav Your Huckleberry Constantine Butcher Pete Komrk Armorsmith, Mad Scientist, Super Sayan. Makkiel Garden Variety Chef, Engineer of Good Flavors, King of Flavortown *** Discord Nickname: Akwilly Forum Nickname´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐: Alaskanwilly Info: All factions, currently rebel/neutral Timezone: AKST (GMT-9)´╗┐´╗┐ Characters´╗┐´╗┐ Cookie Shasta Grape Hongkong Phooey Ackipo *** Discord Nickname: Liakhara (Liakhara#2578) Forum Nickname: Liakhara Info: Codemaster Admin Timezone: CST (GMT -6) Characters Liakhara Master Ranger/Master Swordsman Bindi'i Swordsman Stacker Walter Merchant/Jack-of-All Trades, Master of None Rasheba Master Bio-Engineer/Master Creature Handler *** Discord Nickname: Hagen (Hagen#4508) Forum Nickname: Hagen Info: Both Reb/Imp (Reb not by chose :P) asker of dumb questions about the "Space Magic" that runs the game. Timezone: PST (GMT -7) Characters Hagen Commando/ Backyard Brawler Coifee Master Artisan/Master Architect/Master Tailor/ little of this, little of that. Ilad Mixer of Poisons and Longest shot record holder. Itharr Tamer of Creatures/ Smuggler of things *** Discord Nickname: Synteryn (Synteryn#8542) Forum Nickname: Synteryn Info: Multi-faction master of speed slices. Timezone: BST/GMT Characters Synteryn Swordsman stacker Drakym Master Smuggler / Omni-crafter. Tekya Faction grinder Jakyr Buffbot / Squadleader *** Discord Nickname: MisterVertigo#9587 Forum Nickname: MisterVertigo Info: Imperial, Guild Leader of <OL> Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Characters Othi Commando Othii Archtect Oothi Bounty Hunter Oothii Smuggler *** Discord Nickname: Aari (Aari#9518) Forum Nickname: Aari Info: Multi-faction, Guild <KA'RA> Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Characters Flynn Taggart Commando/BH Aayl'ame Pikeman *** Discord Nickname: Zentra Forum Nickname: Zentra Info: at some point Imperial (i'm being lazy), Guild leader of <SHDWS> Timezone: EST (GMT-5) Characters: Zentra- Sword stacker Brianna- Master Dancer/Master Musician/crafter ( possibly make a smuggler) Kalicokat- AS/WS crafter (nothing serious) Aluralynn- TKM/Ranger (eventually) *** Discord Nickname: Tatwi Forum Nickname: Tatwi Info: Person who does stuff and junk. The highest end content that I do is soloing Mutant Rancor lairs, because DNA. I'm a casual guy. Timezone: EST (GMT-5) Characters: Tatwi - Master Pistoleer, Master Scout, Creature Handler, Medic Eysulla - Master Bio-Engineer, Stim-Pack Crafter, Pistoleer Runda'nin- Merchant, Crafter of all other things I feel like crafting Joe Picardo - Master Pistoleer, Flamethrower User, Slicer, Medic
  8. Tarkins Revenge have added new weapon and armor components to give more options for finding selected weapon and armor components. These have a chance to be of similar quality to their similar components. All can also drop from various world bosses. Note that a high CL Creature/NPC can go above the listed max. Kimo Claw: Drops from Kimoglia Cave & Netherfang Same as Rancor Tooth Damage Range: Min 20-160, Max 40-160. Kimo Tissues: Drops from Kimoglia Cave (/way 4770 975 Lok) Same as Krayt Tissues Max Damage: 28-165 / Speed 1 to -1.2 Mokk Blood: Drops from Mokk Stronghold Same as Janta Blood Power: 50-180, Charges 10-25, Uses 1-4 Smuggled Bantha Ivory: Drops from Pirate Bunker Same as Reinforced Sword Core Damage Range: Min 54-100, max 54-100 Smuggled Bantha Ivory Projectile: Drops from Pirate Bunker Same as Projectile Feed Mechanism Max Damage: 28-175 / Speed 1 to -1, Uses 1-6 Phrik Shard: Drops from Black Sun Bunker Same as NS Shards Armor HAM Encumbrance -10 to -25, Uses 1-13 Droid Armor Chunk: Drops from Droid Cave Same as Janta Hide Armor Effectiveness: 3-10%, Uses 5-13 Kunga Hide: Drops from Kunga Stronghold Same as Janta Hide Armor Effectiveness: 3-10%, Uses 5-13
  9. The colored icons from CU is availible trough Kayliaah's mod. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rk610kbmry2i6cs/SWGEmu+CU+GUI+Mod+1.4.7z Install: Install just the icons trough the installer.
  10. Here is the loginscreen with the image from the forums. Install: Drop in your /texture folder in you SWG directory. Loginscreen.rar I also added login.rar (then it will look exactly like in the picture if your resolution is big enough) login.rar
  11. Here is my enlarged buttonbar. ui_ground_hud_buttonbar.rar Install: Unzip to the /ui folder in your SWG directory.
  12. This is the Flat UI i have created for SWG. Player, target, status bars and group window have been updated. - Flattened HAM bars - Equal length HAM bars - Buffs under the player frame - Status effects under the target frame - Bigger Player and Target bars - 48% smaller group window Updated: Oct 27th 2019 - Shorter player bars to make up for the target bars length bug - Slightly thinner HAM bars to make space for a thicker force bar. - Fixed the folder structure in the .rar Update: Oct 28th 2019 - Better contrast for HAM bars - Darker background for player and target frame Download: Skolten's Flat HAM UI_28th_october_2019_update.rar Bigger Group UI: ui_ground_hud_group.inc (Optional for Huge Resolutions or small group play) More Buffs: ui_ground_hud.inc (Added a 2nd row of buffs, mainly for jedi stacking a lot of buffs). Install: Place in your SWG folder. With Force bar (the bigger actionbar is not included)
  13. Ill get that up here soon, i will also be adding my new HAM UI modifications here and on mod the galaxy soon. You can find the current version of my HAM UI here. But i will be releasing the updated version over the weekend hopefully. https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?threads/ham-ui-upgrade-updated-16-feb-2019.1216/
  14. My new love for the commando stacker will follow me to Tarkins Revenge. The Crafter will highly likely be Architect, Merchant, Master Artisan and eventually Shipwright. For PvP a pure group support build and 4th character will be a ranger type. Commando XX4X, Fencer X44X, Pistoleer XX4X, TKA X4X4, Medic 21XX. Master Combat Medic, TKA 4314. Architect, Artisan, Merchant 4X34, (Shipwright). Master Swordsman, Ranger XX3X, Medic 2XXX, CH 4X24.
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