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  1. The colored icons from CU is availible trough Kayliaah's mod. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rk610kbmry2i6cs/SWGEmu+CU+GUI+Mod+1.4.7z Install: Install just the icons trough the installer.
  2. Here is the loginscreen with the image from the forums. Install: Drop in your /texture folder in you SWG directory. login.rar I also added login.rar (then it will look exactly like in the picture if your resolution is big enough)
  3. Here is my enlarged buttonbar. ui_ground_hud_buttonbar.rar Install: Unzip to the /ui folder in your SWG directory.
  4. This is the Flat UI i have created for SWG. Player, target, status bars and group window have been updated. - Flattened HAM bars - Equal length HAM bars - Buffs under the player frame - Status effects under the target frame - Bigger Player and Target bars - 48% smaller group window Download: Skolten's Flat HAM UI.zip Install: Place in your SWG folder.
  5. Ill get that up here soon, i will also be adding my new HAM UI modifications here and on mod the galaxy soon. You can find the current version of my HAM UI here. But i will be releasing the updated version over the weekend hopefully. https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?threads/ham-ui-upgrade-updated-16-feb-2019.1216/
  6. My new love for the commando stacker will follow me to Tarkins Revenge. The Crafter will highly likely be Architect, Merchant, Master Artisan and eventually Shipwright. For PvP a pure group support build and 4th character will be a ranger type. Commando XX4X, Fencer X44X, Pistoleer XX4X, TKA X4X4, Medic 21XX. Master Combat Medic, TKA 4314. Architect, Artisan, Merchant 4X34, (Shipwright). Master Swordsman, Ranger XX3X, Medic 2XXX, CH 4X24.
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