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  1. Base game : Originally you created a new character with your Jedi unlock, but that was back in perma death pre-frs system. After that system they did the Holo grinding, followed by the village .. as Holo grinding completely destroyed the economy on most servers. I didn't play here the first time you guys did it, so I'm not sure how you went about it. But is the plan the village? And I'm fine with the required 24 points if that's the case. I have 0 interest in being a Jedi again, I had 4 on live with 2 of those being pre-pub 9. But I'm very interested in how it's going to go and the requirements. All I ask is no hologrind lol.
  2. Fifth Element was a great movie! Hi!
  3. Yay!! That looks amazing. Thank you so much for doing that
  4. Nati


    I'm excited to sell camps to people!!
  5. I totally understand where you're coming from in a balance, people's likes and coding issues stand point. Just having a stat change I know would be a huge issue fix for Twi. And I totally forgot about stims healing mind. With needing to stick with Itho or Wook for CH bonuses, is the armour for their races still the same. Kind of tree-ish for wookiee and weird composite for Itho? I mainly ask because if I don't ever leave my armour it would solve a handful of looks issues, as long as the armour looked decent lol.
  6. I hope your holidays are amazing!
  7. I just had a quick wish, and it being Christmas I figured it's the best time to ask. Twi kinda suck at... Everything... Statistically. They are based around entertaining and yet have the worst stats for it. Combat wise they lack in effective mind stats. And for crafting, well they got nothing for it. My Christmas wish would be for maybe a stat rebalance, just the numbers, I can handle not being good at anything aside from slave entertainment. Even if we just subtract from Action Max and Health/Con Max to get a couple hundred more Focus/Willpower and maybe even Stamina... It would go a long way to helping the race be something truly useable. And if we are talking lottery wish.. something CH wise for bonuses so I don't have to be ugly (Itho) or a walking Carpet (wookiee), that would be a dream.
  8. Hello Everyone, I'm Renata or Nati (as I've been called my whole life), and greetings from Scotland. I'm part of old school Ahazi and SHDWS (ONE, -V-, PMS) crew. I originally started on release day (on some random server), my cousin bought me swg to take me out of a horrible time in my life. I'm a restaurateur, theatre owner and clothing/adult shop co-owner. So I work a good deal, but I have a passion for nerdyness. My geekdom spreads from Star Wars to Star Trek, Firefly to Dr Who. Also ol' Jack Burton is yummy. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and making more friends and family. Nati
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