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  1. Are you certain that the ability to become a Jedi is live here?
  2. As I understand it now, the Jedi system has not been implemented her yet. Now I have no idea what I will do.
  3. Looking forward to seeing some guides. Also, I think I'm going to go for Jedi, so things to keep in mind for that would be especially good.
  4. I have time for only one character, and I'm not sure at all what it's going to be. Nor do I even know what options I have.
  5. Any tips for what I should keep in mind when creating a character and starting out?
  6. Thank you. I guess I should add a few more things about myself. Previously in the recent past I worked in IT. I am now a director for a non-profit and work with a few other non-profits. I do writing work as well, and have spent time working as a journalist. I also DM for D&D with some friends, and we're about to start Shadowrun. Yeah I'm a nerd. My wife and I just started going back through Cowboy Bebop again, so I watch a little anime as well.
  7. That's a very nice hat.
  8. Spooner


    I've found that playing by yourself isn't all that fun or even that survivable. I live in Texas, but if the time zone difference isn't an issue, we should play together.
  9. I played SWG once before on a server by one of the devs here. It never really caught on for me but I was totally intrigued, so I'm here to give it another try. I actually tried to play SWG when it first came out. Bought the game, got it home, couldn't ever get it to run. Still trying to get my money's worth, haha. Will probably be looking for people to play with soon. Pretty much a newb.
  10. I should add, after I reinstalled as administrator.
  11. Scratch that, it appears to have been an anti-virus issue. Seems to be updating now after I reinstalled.
  12. When I click on Game Settings, nothing happens.
  13. And when I click on Settings after attempting to Update.
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