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  1. A bunch of people showed me those Russian Doomer playlists on YouTube so I finally decided to listen to 'em. Right now I'm listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fma7Tp4uK88
  2. icav ribe confirmed to have a doppelganger
  3. No luck on the song I was looking for but I found that I like this one
  4. In NGE Jedi were made a starting class, in pre-cu, which is what the server is based on, it's a pretty lengthy journey to be able to play a Jedi character, which itself is also a fairly risky profession to play as since if you expose yourself as a Jedi too much, bounty hunters can end up with bounties on your head.
  5. I'm going to be writing basically an "Inexperienced Players Guide by a Slightly Less Inexperienced Player Guide" with a couple things to keep in mind. First chapter is going to be the starting equipment each of the professions start off with, but to sum it up, if you're going to be playing a combat character, make sure you start as either a Marksman or a Brawler to ensure you actually get a starting weapon for that profession. Especially at the start of the server, there's not going to be many weaponsmiths filling the markets with starting weapons for the professions.
  6. Still can't find it also yes i found that out and demonstrated so merely by having that video embedded.
  7. I'm gonna do Sarkin <surname not found yet>, Rifleman Ranger.... That's about all I got so far. Maybe I'll make an architect? Yeah I'm pretty boring.
  8. i tried to quote one of para's posts to get the video display tags. it did not work. there's a like western/horror type song i'm trying to remember so i decided to listen to this to try and get said song to appear in my youtube algorithms again
  9. Sarkin has finally remembered his password
  10. ferrick looks like a stock image
  11. Beardsly

    Arf arf

    Can we ban Seal? He's trying to artificially inflate his post count to the detriment of this forum.
  12. Beardsly

    I'm Vegan

    I may be vegan but I'll still kick your ass.
  13. I'm upset that nobody else made any edits from this.
  14. Wow, I see how it is, just posting more pictures of me so I don't have any to post. Well luckily I still have my sewer rep photo. And then this is perhaps the happiest I've ever looked in a photograph, probably because I didn't realize I'd spend the next two to three weeks cursed with the Chigger plague. At that point it was just a lot of calluses.
  15. Come camping with me in the middle of nowhere so we get group XP.
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