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  1. Discord Nickname: MisterVertigo#9587 Forum Nickname: MisterVertigo Info: Imperial, Guild Leader of <OL> Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Characters Othi Commando Othii Archtect Oothi Bounty Hunter Oothii Smuggler
  2. Guild Leader Citizen of Coronet Citizen of Theed Citizen of Mos Entha Slayer of XXX - XXX can be anything, maybe after klling a certain number of things, like Krayts, Rancors, Nightsisters, etc. Bane of YYY - YYY is a faction name that you have extremely poor standing with. Exploration Titles - I believe there are badges already for exploring POIs. It would be cool to have titles for milestones in the number of POIs you've visited. After 10 you get a title, then at 20 another, etc. All the way up to a "Master Explorer" when you've seen nearly all of them. Could have something like "Endor Pathfinder" if you visit all the ones on Endor, for example. I think someone in the chat mentioned titles for things like defeating certain dungeon bosses or world bosses. I know this is hard because people are grouped and only one person gets the actual kill shot. I don't remember if there is a way to display your Rebel/Imperial Faction rank. Maybe make this only visible if you are Special Forces? I may have more, but these are the first ones that came to mind!
  3. There goes the neighborhood! 😛 Seriously, awesome you are here!
  4. Question: If we purchase an Imperial Housing Authority-owned property and the maintenance/condition reaches zero, what happens? I assume it doesn't go poof... is that right?
  5. That makes complete sense and I did not think about that. Thanks!
  6. I was going to say the same thing. Even though my combat skills are still VERY weak I had no problem killing a bunch with just a friend or two to help. Absolutely LOVED all the loot! One thing I thought was missing was the ability to harvest hide/meat/bones from the bunnies. It would have been nice to be able to get a nice stack of hides and bones for our tailors while we were out collecting loot. I had a BLAST and thank you again for runnign this! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with for next time!
  7. I've still got my beta disks around here somewhere. I always said I wanted to get them framed or something and put on my wall just as a momento. I found my old collector's edition box the other day too. The pin was still in there. The patch that came with it is with all my 501st patches, and I'm not sure where the little Zabrak figurine is. I know my wife had it on her desk for a while before we moved.
  8. We're gonna have a good time. A bunch of us are old vets so we can help you out with whatever you need.
  9. Guild Name: Obscuri LaterisGuild Leader: Othi NightstrykerOfficers: TikaaMajere, LaterisFaction: (if applicable): Imperial Welcome to Obscuri Lateris! OL has been around SWG since shortly after the original launch of the game by SOE. It has taken many forms over the years over many games, but we are looking forward to bringing it back to where it all began! We are simply a group of friends who like to work together to accomplish a common goal. Starting out we will be doing a lot of crafting, setting up shops, and generally trying to make a name for oruselves. However, we will have anyone who likes a laid back group of people to game with and can help work with a team! We are not a RP build, but I know a few of us are roleplayers. We encourage any type of gameplay our members want to engage in. If you are interested, please hit up myself or one of the officers and we'd be happy to have you!
  10. Oh man, I just recently got into pen & paper RPGs. I've always wanted to but never had an opportunity until recently. We've been playing Pathfinder, but Shadowrun always looked awesome. I've played all the recent video games and I LOVE the setting and sci-fi feeling of the world. I hope someday to find a group to play the pen and paper with!
  11. Hey all! I played SWG for YEARS but I never dabbled in modding it all. Over the years I've modded the HELL out of other games I play (you know, "mod it 'till it breaks") so I was wondering what you guys have done in SWG. As much as I adore Star Wars and this game, the 15 year old graphics do start to show their age. Have any of you every used any texture mods or anything like that? If so, will they work here? EDIT: I found this, don't know if anyone's played with it before: https://www.reddit.com/r/swgemu/comments/8v3d3z/swgemu_modpack/
  12. My first character will be a throwback to my old character from my days on Starsider. A human Master Commando. BIG GUNS KICK THE HELL OUT OF YOU! I'll probably also reincarnate my old Twi'lek architect because I like to build things where I don't have to stress about the quality! I'm not sure about the other two. I know I'll have a Rodian because Rodian. I may make him a scout/rifleman/bouty hunter. I know, real original. We'll see. I may also make a Doctor of some kind too just because. We'll have to see!
  13. Hello all! I'm MisterVertigo, also sometimes known as "Shooter". I played SWG all the way back in Beta, and then at launch I played on Starsider server. I played for YEARS off and on all they way up until they shut the servers down. I have a LOT of memories of SWG and met a lot of great people along the way, including my wife! I've never played on this server but I did play on the main SWGEMU server a number of years ago. I look forward to jumping into SWG again! On a personal note, I'm a geeky guy and have been my whole life. I'm a System Admin and have been for many, many years. I probably play way too many video games. I'm lucky my wife loves me. I'm also an active member of the 501st with Stormtrooper and Greedo costumes. In all my years of playing SWG I've never had a rebel toon, and I don't intend to start now!
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