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  1. Episode 2 - Just southeast of Bestine, -780 -4050 Although Luriant figured it out already, from the clue above. Salute!
  2. EPISODE 2 ! Episode 2 will be Feb 25, opening earlier at 6PM Eastern, in keeping with some folks saying 8PM was too late. Also, in response to folks in other time zones (Hi Luriant!) I'll set up a vendor to give out freebies when my wife and I log out for bed. This week the "Teaser" is "This is the location of the first colonization of Tatooine..." and a little something I've ridden past and never noticed.
  3. Alaskanwilly - yes, the BLL has 2 slots.... like an advanced MSE. Back in Live, I remember "YAY! I made MDE! I can make... a reskinned MSE? What?" I think something that would be very funny or cool would be the make BLL's a mount. I can just picture standing on one of the big platform hands...
  4. Snackcrawler is at Tatooine, -5400 +2650. Easiest way is to fly into Mos Espa, then ride out the 2.3km to the location. We'll be serving refreshments at the picnic tables nearby...
  5. Key points: WHEN : FEB 18 and weekly after that, at 8PM EASTERN WHERE: Tatooine, exact location announced as it starts to preserve the surprise The Snackcrawler, a Tatooine Food Truck, is going to be making it's first appearance tomorrow (Feb 18) evening , with the doors opening around 8PM Eastern time. Each week, the Snackcrawler will appear at a different location - I'm aiming for the places people have never been... the places where you say,"Gee, I didn't know this was here!" I'll send out the waypoint as the event starts, but it's just a shade over 2KM from a starport. Not a long slog through the wilderness. This particular location has a whole bunch of Imperial NPCs, so if you're a Rebel, keep it covert, eh? There's an Imperial quest giver at the location, and Imp and BH mission terminals, so you can have some fun from here. Souvenirs will be handed out by members of House Azure.
  6. Is this something you'd mind me working on? Is it a PITA that's going to interfere with more important things? SIE is the new, better tool ?
  7. More planning , looking for input on if everyone else can work with this. The Snackcrawler (a food truck in a sandcrawler building) will appear once a week at various locations. I'm thinking of making them relatively near badge-places and/or POIs or the hidden beauty places. We'll set up for an evening, have one or more of us as "wait staff" / "cook" and probably have a souvenir item for that day. I'll announce here a week ahead of time, and on General chat the day of. Right now, first open slot is Tuesday, Feb 18 at 9PM Eastern. PLEASE drop me a reply here or in game email (Baroun) and let me know if you're coming .
  8. THANK YOU! So, what I'm reading is the "buildingsDifficulty" chunk is what's used on the random spawns, and is non-destroyable, so it isn't as easy as just changing the missionBuilding entry to one of the other objects. Is there a way to copy the tatooine_spicefiend_medium.iff and add destroyability? I'm guessing that going into SUI and comparing the two objects might be the next step for me? Maybe figure out the max volume of the power transformer and come up with other items that aren't bigger?
  9. WIfe and I were having date night, RL, and had an idea. We're thinking about running a once-a-week event where we've got a chef and a waiter/waitress online, in a restaurant on Tatooine. This would be an RP-ish thing along the line of "Cheers", where there's a bunch of regulars that show up. I had a brief chat in General, and we might be able to get a Dev/GM to help out for some events, like "The Jawa's stole the Silverware" or "The Tusken Raided the Till" , in which a badguy of the week spawns outside the place and hilarity ensues. On the other nights, it'd be RP and I'll come up with a problem of the day to solve, or an event of some sort. One idea that got thrown out for fun was doing "barrel racing" with mounts and harvesters - have a stopwatch, and measure who can slalom through a string of harvs the quickest. So, the questions are: How many people would be interested in such a thing? When's the best time to run it? I suggest Tuesday nights, 9-11PM Eastern as a possible., but I'm fairly flexible.
  10. DE wishlist... 1) I'd like to see a module that's "Sampling Assistant". It'd work like the Creature Harvesting Module, but would apply to your sampling rather than Scout harvesting. 2) I'd like to see DE's be able to call a second droid at the equivalent box of where CH can call a second pet. Makes the repair droid and the power droid much more useful 3) The "Survey Assistant" module would let you select an interest (Mineral/Floral/Chemical, etc) and it would pop up a list of resources and percentages at this very spot, just like the list when you do "Choose Resource" from a harvester. 4) I'd like "befriend" to support accessing the droid's storage module. 5) I'd love to see a command that's kinda like the whole "patrol point" thing called "Goto Waypoint". Combined with the befriend/storage thing above, this would let you have a droid do a delivery. 6) For the RP effect, a "Language Module" - if you target the droid, and say something in a language other than Basic, then it does a "So-and-So says _____" with the text in Basic. Possibly even do a double call to Google translate, for English->Hungarian->English, so the translation is a little bit off. 7) For the love of all that is good and holy, can Binary Load Lifters get changed? They have the same functionality as MSE droids. I mean, if the Master CH box was "you can tame a Level 1 creature" people would snap... 8 ) Droidika? I was in Anchorage the other day, and the Rebels NPCs had one. If the NPC DE can do it.... I think the schematic should include buying a PSG and Particle Beam cannon from a weaponsmith... 9) Bugfix : If you put a stimpack dispenser in a droid, and get a Pharm IV to load it, then it works when you ask for a stimpack using the radial menu. If you do a /requeststimpack, it does not work, even if you're the droid's owner. I also figured out why the limitation on Pharm IV is in there: it works from the radial menu even if the requester does not have Medic at all.... which is really nice. Frees up 15 skill points. 10) In the vein of the scout trap projector, can we have a thing that works the same way but holds C12 grenades? 11) Guestbook droid - this would be kinda like the way people put deeds or droid frames in the house as a decoration. DE builds it, you put it in the house, it sits there. But it runs something like the vendor greeting code, and welcomes people with some canned text when they come into your house. It also sends an email that says "So-and-So came to visit" 12) AIML personality module - this would give the DE the ability to put in a link to one of the free AIML chatbot hosting sites. When someone targets the droid, whatever they say would get passed to the chatbot site, and then the reply would be spoken by the droid.
  11. It's a small,petty little complaint, but.... Roaming around Tatooine, you see random spawns - "Spice Fiends" for example. They've got a huge tank farm and a harvester or two. Or Thieves, and they've got some harvs and such. Or Jabba's Swoopers, with a couple landspeeders parked. Or Trandoshan slavers, and they've got a whole campsite. Take a mission, though, that involves people, and you attack a banner. Or a power relay. Or some single object that has nothing to do with the text of the mission. I'd like to see the code that picks the secondary objects get called in the course of random spawns get called when spawning similar missions. Drive it off looking for keywords in the mission text. Alternatively, maybe simpler, when it comes time to spawn the banner, scan the text of the mission and if a keyword is found, spawn that object rather than the banner object. So, if you get a "Disable the X-Wings" mission, instead of the banner looking like a banner, it's a landed X-Wing. You still shoot it like a banner, for all practical purposes it's the banner, it's just skinned to be something from the mission text. I know there's a tre file with all the mission text in it... If someone would point me at it, and a list of spawnable objects that could replace the banner, I'd help out by doing the grunt work of making a cross reference table between keyword and asset ID. I'm not really familiar with the server side stuff, but I've written code in schema and Lisp, and read Lua code. Not real comfy jumping in and writing the code just yet, unless someone wanted to mentor me in a big way. I do know that the grunt work of going through text and making a crosswalk is a PITA, so I'm offering to do the boring part. I just feel like if I'm asking for something, I should be willing to put some skin in the game and help out.
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