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  1. Short answer, Yes. Longer Answer? Below. I am pleased with the work we've done and we can operate forever at our current overhead and that was the goal, to establish a place that our friends and extended star wars family could always come back to and play. I know that I would love to see more people enjoy the content that Lia has put so much time into creating for people and the folks that play and enjoy things are what keep this project satisfying for us. When we started this project I said I didn't care if we had 5 people playing or 5000, I committed to building systems that could transition to support whichever demand we have and enjoy playing here with my wife and partner and our friends and people who like playing Star Wars Galaxies the way we are happy to provide. I love Tarkin and vowed to support this place for as long as Lia and I could and we built it from the ground up again in such a way that we wouldn't be reliant on community donations (they help and we appreciate every single one) and we are well set to provide Tarkin as a home for people even if they drift to explore other communities. All those words said, if you have something to suggest to bring more people into the fold, I have an open PM box or you can post it here.
  2. Holy shit that cat is so cute. Welcome to the show!
  3. Discord Nickname: ParadymShift#5150 Forum Nickname: ParadymShift Info: Rebel, Guild Leader of <KA'RA>, Mayor of Coronet Timezone: CST (GMT-6) Characters Icav Your Huckleberry Constantine Butcher Pete Komrk Armorsmith, Mad Scientist, Super Sayan. Makkiel Garden Variety Chef, Engineer of Good Flavors, King of Flavortown
  4. I am a big fan of RP and evvent badges, "Durni Slayer, Easter Harvester" Slayer badges might be neat, not sure how much of a pain that would be to implement.
  5. Updated, buying craftable weapon schems, and components, plus blue and orange rug parts.
  6. Anyone a fan, I just started burning through the series again and I was reminded of how much I love Wraith Squadron and I'm glad the Aaron Allston roped some of the key faces back into the world later on, I'm reading Isards Revenge right now.
  7. Nice to see another fresh face around here, welcome to the party :V Sorry I've been terrible about forums.
  8. {Ka'ra} Kraftwerks - 12PT Armorsmith and Collector of Galactic Antiquities Located in downtown Coronet, just as you exit the starport. RIS Certified, Custom Orders Only, Contact Komrk for a quote. Factional Armors - Contact for Availability (No Imperial armor at this time, need supplier for schems) Currently Buying Nightsister Layers (Minimum Stack size of 5) 6% Resist - 3500CPU 7% Resist - 4500CPU 8% Resist - 6500CPU 9% Resist - 9000CPU 10% Resist - 12000CPU 11% Resist - 15000CPU RIS Subcomponents Giant Dune Kimo Scales - 12500CPU Woolamander Harrower Bones - 5000CPU Gurk King Hide - 7500CPU Peko Peko Albatross Feather - 6500CPU Interwoven RIS Schematic - 75000CPU Galactic Oddities Resource Deed - 125000CPU Blue Rug Parts - 500CPU Orange Rug Parts - 500CPU Craftable Weapon Schematics - 30000CPU Craftable Weapon Components - 20000CPU
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for participating in our easter event, as stated previously the Double XP is running until this coming sunday but the buns are no longer spawning and we wanted to get some feedback. What worked for you in this event, what did you like? What do you think could use some tuning? Would you participate in another event like this, or should we do more events like this?
  10. Well, I know that we are looking to get goodies out of the factional recruiters, but having the /sf or /pvp isn't a terrible idea to augment. IIRC, something similar to that used to exist CU+.
  11. All of the covers that came out of Westworld were so goddamn good. What dragged you back into that?
  12. Hey Steelie, the forum account and game account are not the same. You'll need to click the Game Registration to setup for play.
  13. Look at all these 501st rolling in.
  14. Alright gang, coordinate getting the cash together and let me know what GH in Entha/Coronet/Theed you want to get setup.
  15. Yes, though this is a pre-cu server and Lia can speak pretty conclusively about it's presence on the server as she did all of the configuration and development and adjustment to Core3 to build up Tarkin. The process is pretty involved but the guide she linked is pretty accurate. https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=204416 this link should also be useful as we are stock EMU for Jedi acquisition, the only differences here are the changes in visibility and saberblock as outlined in our Jedi thread.
  16. Windows has been aggressively trying to kill our launcher for a few people, we've submitted it to their team for analysis and hopefully it will mitigate future issues.
  17. Looks like the launcher doesn't have permissions for the folder, try running it as admin and going into settings to click the force update. Make sure that you've pointed the game folder to a place you want to keep the game in its entirety.
  18. First, you'll want to go to the top of our forums which should look like the picture below. Then you will need to click on the "Launcher" link which will download a zip of the launcher. Due to how new the launcher most browsers may prompt you with a warning that looks like this. To keep the launcher you will need to do the following. Click the ^ and click keep, you'll now find it in your downloads folder. After this, you will need navigate to your downloads folder and you will be presented with a file named "tarkinlauncher.zip", I moved this to a folder I created specifically for Tarkin, you can name this whatever you like. For this I named it "Demo Install" After you've extracted it you should see a file named "tarkin's Revenge Launcher" double click that and you will be presented with this pop up. Use this to select the folder you created specifically for Tarkin. Once you've done that, you'll see the following screen. Once you do, just hit the update button as instructed in the status bar on the bottom and it will update and pull down the files for you. Once it has done the download, it will prompt you to edit your settings first to ensure you've setup your screen resolution as it needs to be updated for the first time you launch the game, it will look like this. Click the Settings Button and configure your game settings, or just click the settings button at the top and click the Game Settings option to pop up the swgemu_setup After that, hit the big Play button and get to gaming.
  19. Look at all these nerds diving in. Looking forward to seeing you guys. I'll coordinate with Zen to make sure we get you guys setup in a Gh in the city you decide to settle in.
  20. Guild Name: <Ka'ra> Aliit Ka'raGuild Leader: ParadymShiftOfficers: Axyzed, Hagen, BeardslyFaction: Credits for a cause. Who are we?: Clan Ka'ra was a Mandalorian clan in existence on the planet Mandalore around the time of the Mandalorian Wars. A clan of explorers, taking their name from the Mandalorian word for Stars, these men and women left Mandalore to avoid the defeat handed to their people at the hands of the Sith. From Mandalore to Lok, the Ka'ra clansmen left their mark wherever their boots touched and they forged many relationships to serve as a foundation for future work and growth opportunities for the clan. As more men and women flock to their banner, the clan strived to become known throughout the galaxy, feared or loved, they cared not which. What are we?: Clan Ka’ra is one of the premier mercenary groups in the galaxy. With the ability to provide outstanding service in Personnel and Property Security and Acquisitions, the clan offers an all-in-one solution for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Ka’ra is always open to broadening their horizons and is seeking new avenues of opportunity. As such, we welcome any prospective clients, seeking services not normally provided, to set up a meeting immediately. How to contact us?: To begin business negotiations with the Clan, you may contact Icav Ribe. They can assist you in any matters which you seek our aid in solving or controlling. In the event that these two are unavailable, we ask that you leave a message with your inquiry with the following clansmen: Sarkin Hagen Tarasios
  21. As you may have noticed, we don’t have guild halls as something that crafters can make and sell. A part of this is to prevent them from being used as massive storage structures that are a big ugly eyesore on the landscape, in addition to wanting to preserve city footprint for players, we’ve chosen to limit these structures to be sold/granted to guilds who meet the following criteria: A guild post in this forum that outlines the following. Guild Name: Guild Leader: Officers: Faction: (if applicable) A small blurb or long blurb about the guild. In addition to the above, you will also need to have four prospective members besides the leader post within the thread. Feel free to spruce this thread up as fancy as you like and use it to handle guild recruitment from here on out. Once the requirements have been met, an admin or CSR will coordinate to get you squared away with a Guild Hall in exchange for 150,000 credits. If we, at any point, find that the hall has been abandoned inside of a player city, we will repo the hall or pop the hall entirely and replace it. We have a zero tolerance policy for abandoned structures within the city.
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