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  1. Updated prices, really hunting for Interwoven Schems, and always buying sub comps.
  2. Hey Bajaron, you can find the various details about where houses drop, where they can be dropped and lot cost here. https://home.tarkinswg.com/index.php/articles/20-nge-houses
  3. If you have resources on your vendors or the bazaar, please de-list and relist all of them, we identified an issue that when you examine a listed resource it will crash a client, so just de-list, pull them off the vendor and then relist them. This will resolve the issue, sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!
  4. Hey Saber, open up a support ticket here https://support.tarkinswg.com/ and include the name of the account and email you used and we'll get you taken care of. Don't forget to pop into Discord!
  5. Currently offering 500k for The Hangar House schematic that drops inside the Naboo Pirate Bunker. Acquired! Thanks
  6. Two more members to post in the thread and you guys are there!
  7. Amount of visibility to appear on terminals has been lowered, fellow force users do not generate visibility so you can group with guildies to go grind with a modicum of safety, beyond that everything here is fairly stock. We do have a Jedi Vision thread that is worth scoping out you can find that in the link below. We've tried to avoid making too many changes to Jedi as their code base is still in flux and we are a very small team so moving things around that we may have to rewrite/change to make work with any of Emu's changes wasn't a wise investment of our initial resources. 12/31/18 [Increased] Player bounty mission payouts [Modified] Visibility so that other Jedi do not trigger visibility [Decreased] Visibility threshhold for Jedi to go on BH terminals 1/16/19 [Added] Custom-named broken lightsaber hilt trophy when a BH defeats a player Jedi mission target 3/20/19 [Modified] Saber block to be ineffective when knocked down, and effectiveness reduced by half when intimidated
  8. Hey Gang, we'll be taking the server down early friday morning CST to update and all of the new writeables and it will also mark the end of the wedding scavenger hunt, if you haven't gotten it done, now is the time. Our goal is to get everything out for you guys to play with over the weekend. 🙂
  9. I like these, we don't have collections that's a feature I haven't seen any other pre-cu put together but I wonder if we could improvise something tied to the loot kits Lia does.
  11. I don't see how stim C and D's are related to pulling people in when it flies in the face of minimizing number creep in the game as buffs are concerned. Insofar as jedi are concerned, making them alpha beyond the benefits they already enjoy (damage type that is virtually unresisted by many things and armors in the game) the Village is an interesting animal and with it's cycles it does act as a gate to the glowbat waving but as we've said in the past with so much of that changing in the Emu code base with our small (one person with occasional code contributors) development team it is hugely impractical to chase it around. We've made our vision for Jedi very clear since we were asked about it and I don't think we've strayed from that vision or made any sweeping changes (read none beyond visibility changes some of which benefit jedi in groups) Kinshi did call a meeting much like that while he was paying a great deal out of pocket and was burned out from doing nonstop development in a fluid codebase, we aren't in such a position and built the place from the ground up to avoid being in a position like that. I hope that you find what you are looking for and the concept of a quest that restores those skill points is interesting, should you change your mind we will still be here.
  12. Judging by the number of people who are still playing without the need for C and D buffs I don’t see this as a viable change as it’s something that has been a cornerstone for Tarkin since the ProjectSWG days. Players have made some some pretty awesome food and buff packs that have allowed them to push buff values pretty dang high.
  13. Short answer, Yes. Longer Answer? Below. I am pleased with the work we've done and we can operate forever at our current overhead and that was the goal, to establish a place that our friends and extended star wars family could always come back to and play. I know that I would love to see more people enjoy the content that Lia has put so much time into creating for people and the folks that play and enjoy things are what keep this project satisfying for us. When we started this project I said I didn't care if we had 5 people playing or 5000, I committed to building systems that could transition to support whichever demand we have and enjoy playing here with my wife and partner and our friends and people who like playing Star Wars Galaxies the way we are happy to provide. I love Tarkin and vowed to support this place for as long as Lia and I could and we built it from the ground up again in such a way that we wouldn't be reliant on community donations (they help and we appreciate every single one) and we are well set to provide Tarkin as a home for people even if they drift to explore other communities. All those words said, if you have something to suggest to bring more people into the fold, I have an open PM box or you can post it here.
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