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  1. Some help? I have my charater with a permanent ham reduction, I left the game 1 week ago, and the bug persist. I'm out of ideas.
  2. I find an old related bug in SWGEmu Forums. https://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=108189&p=842540&viewfull=1#post842540 I can't find the problem after dying when powerboost is charging, or when powerboost is expiring.
  3. Migrating stats; and using power boost and migrating stats. The -66 is permanent. Maybe death or disconnect when Powerboost is increasing or decreasing.
  4. Mi Char Luriant have a -66 in Health, Action and Mind primaries. In the past, the penalization was -14, but now is more. I use Teras Kasi Power Boost, Starter and Advanced buffs, but reseting in the medical terminal don't solve the problem.
  5. I read your tell, I'm afk leveling unarmed in Mos Entha. Talk in the general chat, everybody read this channel.
  6. I want a 2H Speed tape, one or multiple tapes. I need a +17 bonus for speed capping. I didin't find in the bazaar or coronet/mos entha listed vendors.
  7. Oh, the Snackcrawler is gone. I expected a npc vendor giving souvenirs. At 9:45 EST 19FEB, the Poi is empty. I live in GMT+1, the 8PM EST is 4AM for me :S .
  8. My game crashed after death. After I select the cloning zone, my character gets teleported to some river in corellia (0,0?), and the game stop freeze with an error in the background window. Ifter load the game, I am in the clone without problems. The report don't help me, and I deleted all the mods, expect the New Skolten Falt Ham. Any help?
  9. The post 3 don't have the stats updated. Twi'lek Health Min: 300/Max: 1000 Strength Min: 300/Max: 500 Constitution Min: 550/Max: 650 Action Min: 550/Max: 1250 Quickness Min: 600/Max: 750 Stamina Min: 300/Max: 400 Mind Min: 400/Max: 1200 Focus Min: 300/Max: 500 Willpower Min: 300/Max: 500 Dancing Enhancement +15, Musical Enhancement +5, starting languages Basic, Ryl & Lekku (body language, other species must have Underworld 1 in Smuggler to comprehend) Imperial Faction Penalty: 1.5x Thanks for the info, Im downloading the updates before my first try in the server.
  10. The stats aren't updated. You can delete this post after the change.
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