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  1. Yeah, I didn't realise that the disease/poison didn't trigger the tef...to me he was red as soon as I threw them and they landed. I'd tracked him to Dath just before he went into the FC but he entered as I landed, the probe droid WP was at the entrance. So I waited. Don't normally camp like that but as mentioned on Discord, it was late and I wanted to at least not waste the buffs and tracking time before I logged off to go sleep. Not my intention to piss anyone off, I think the load time safety period seems fair.
  2. I have absolutely no UI mods installed anymore, aside from trying this.
  3. Only changed the player ham bars and buff section for me
  4. Ahh see, I was trying to figure out if TommyBoy was Ziva or Beyluk...guess you actually putting your toon names in answers that question lol
  5. Hitman eh? That's a new one...usually it's something far more insulting 😄
  6. Hey, realised I never posted here when I joined z so here goes... I'm Glenn, british guy living in South Wales, single dad who is also carer to my 13yr old autistic son. Have two older sons 22 and 20, and a 2 yr o old daughter with more recent (crazy)ex. In-game I'm Asharin a tkm stacker, Perfidious a Master smuggler/pistoleer, Schtufbox an As/Ws and Slugface an ithorian Doc/tailor. Played SWG on Bria from the start on and off til SWG died, eventually found Basilisk, but wasn't really free enough to play then, but now I am and found this place :)
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