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  1. Legend of Hondo College of Creature Synthesis Are you a dedicated Bio-Engineer who aspires to create pets of great wonder or majesty? If so, you are hereby challenged to earn professional certifications through our fine institution. Named in honor of our entrepreneurial lineage, you can rest assured that the study guides provided by LHCCS were obtained in methods true to our heritage. Indeed, you will find only the best information on the subject of Creature Synthesis at LHCCS! Our Services: Galaxy renown accreditation for scholastic excellence that meets stringent, relevant standards. Study guides ("Wiki Terminals") on all subjects related to pet crafting and incubation. Research papers, reports, notes, and so on by current and former students. Affordable academic supplies for both lab and field work. Located in Coronet on the planet Corellia at /waypoint -330, -4693. Start your new career today! Earn the following Degrees: Associate Degree Craft and incubate a pet deed. Bachelor Degree Craft a CL 10 pet deed with Health greater than 2000 and a primary attack. Graduate Degree Craft and incubate a CL 10 pet deed with Health greater than 3000, a Light armor rating, and both a primary and secondary special attack. Master Degree Craft and incubate a CL 30 to CL 35 pet deed with Health greater than 7000, a Light armor rating, and both a primary and secondary special attack. Grand Master Degree Craft and incubate a CL 70 rare pet deed with Health greater than 9000, a Light armor rating, both a primary and secondary special attack, and a Hit Rating greater than 0.45. Please direct any questions to Professor Eysulla Traedyr by email. If you have completed a milestone, you may contact the professor to arrange an appointment of assessment. Merchant Services: Selling... Tools: 14,950cr Incubation Station 350cr Food & Chemical Crafting Tool 4,000cr Enzyme Centrifuge x5 4,500cr Enzyme Re-Processor x5 5,000cr Enzyme Refining Tray x5 10,000cr DNA Extraction Device x5 2,500cr Enzyme Extractor x5 Enyzmes: 1000cr Hydrolase 2000cr Lyase 5000cr Isomerase 500cr Elements ABCDE DNA Samples: 100cr Basic 500cr Good 900cr Advanced 25000cr Awesome Other: 1000cr Live Creacture Sample Buying... 250cr Live Creacture Sample 800cr Hydrolase 1500cr Lyase 3000cr Isomerase 250cr Elements ABCDE 5000cr Quality Research (See examples below) Offers posted in containers will not be accepted. Research Examples: Please craft and name a "writable" object and offer it to the vendor. Have a look around the college for examples! ========================= Research Example 1 ========================= Creature Egg Crafting Legend: HP = Hydrolase Purity HM = Hydrolase Mutagen IC = Isomerase Color BL = Lyase Baseline LC = Lyase Color Pu = Purity Mu = Mutagen Re = Reference Ba = Baseline Input ___________________ Stage 1: HP 10 HM 2 IC Red BL 16 LC Red Stage 2: HP 10 HM 1 IC Red BL 14 LC Red Stage 3: HP 10 HM 1 IC Red BL 14 LC Red Output ___________________ Stage 1: Pu 10 Mu 2 Re 12 Ba 16 Stage 2: Pu 10 Mu 1 Re 13 Ba 14 Stage 3: Pu 10 Mu 1 Re 13 Ba 14 ____________________ ========================= Research Example 2 ========================= Total Pet Synthesis Target Creature: CL38 Combat Gurrcat DNA Template: Ph - Mutant Rancor (HQ) Pr - Mutant Rancor (HQ) Me - Mutant Rancor (HQ) Ps - Lowland Salt Mynock (AA) Ag - Arachne Drone (AA) Experimentation Ph - 3 points = 55pc Pr - 2 points (1 amazing) = 31pc Me - 2 points = 33pc Ps - 3 points = 36pc Ag - 2 points (1 amazing) = 32pc Result: Quality: High Hard 555 Fort 539 End 216 Int 334 Cle 296 Dep 366 Cou 365 Dex 315 Fie 276 Pow 321 Armor Light Kin 42 Ene 50 Bla 22 Hea 83 Col 83 Ele 40 Aci 5 Stu Vulnerable Lig Vulnerable Sp1 Strong Poison Sp2 Med Disease Ran No Used in Gurrcat: Lvl 38 H 9270 A 5727 M 6675 Armor Light Kin 42 Ene 50 Bla 22 Hea 83 Col 83 Ele 40 Aci 5 Stu Vulnerable Lig Vulnerable Speed 1.63 Hit 0.56 Dmg 290 - 295 Sp1 Strong Poison Sp2 Med Disease Ran No Incubated: Stage 1: P: 10 M: 9 R: 13 B: 21 Result: -1 Level Stage 2: P: 10 M: 9 R: 11 B: 8 Result: 4pc Damage Incease Stage 3: P: 10 M: 9 R: 8 B: 11 Result: 8pc HAM Increase Final Modded Stats Lvl 37 Dmg 301-306 H 10011 A 6185 M 7209
  2. 8 months later and I haven't gotten around to reading any of the books and I haven't played much SWG either. I spent much of my "free time" playing No Man's Sky, which is a pretty nifty, if lonely game. Anyway, I hope start reading some of books in the coming years. 🙂
  3. Having put the effort into making the mods, many moons ago as a labor of love, I am compelled to remind everyone that the following activities all grant Wilderness Survival XP on Tarkin's Revenge: Hunting Missions - Explorer Terminals (very generous) Camping Crafting camps Fishing Foraging Medical Foraging (gives a bit of healing xp too!) Searching lairs Milking creatures (also very generous) Harvesting shellfish
  4. Love the "Rebel Flight Suits" color theme. It's too bad that the in game browser only works for the NGE client, because it that page would make a mighty fine in game home page! 🙂
  5. I just want to say thank you for not just finishing what I started, but taking the concept and improving upon it immensely. I didn't have it in me to slog through all the work and there were some things I just couldn't figure out how to accomplish. You did it. you're awesome, thank you! 🙂 Ps. I recommend not reading the source code for this system and ruining the mystery of it all for yourself. This is probably the most interesting new game play system created for a SWGEmu based server, so I implore folks to enjoy the journey of learning it. Pps. Anyone can also use a DNA Extraction Device (Crafted by Bio-Engineers) to collect DNA samples (1 per dead creature) that will definitely be in demand as Bio-Engineers churn through pet deeds!
  6. Discord Nickname: Tatwi Forum Nickname: Tatwi Info: Person who does stuff and junk. The highest end content that I do is soloing Mutant Rancor lairs, because DNA. I'm a casual guy. Timezone: EST (GMT-5) Characters: Tatwi - Master Pistoleer, Master Scout, Creature Handler, Medic Eysulla - Master Bio-Engineer, Stim-Pack Crafter, Pistoleer Runda'nin- Merchant, Crafter of all other things I feel like crafting Joe Picardo - Master Pistoleer, Flamethrower User, Slicer, Medic
  7. One thing I noticed while I was out and about in the game, the "Mission Available" criteria is a bit misleading. I assumed that it meant I could go to a terminal and take missions for that exact creature type, but it turns out that's not the case. What it really means is that the creature has a chance to spawn from a mission generated lair, either as the "boss mob" or as an alternate version of the creature. So if you're out there looking for a mission for particular creature and you're not seeing it's name show up on the terminal, try taking missions for creatures from the same family in the same level range. If you're desperate to know for certain the exact missions you can take to find the creature, the data can be found in the lair templates, which are fairly self explanatory and easy to read.
  8. I have completed the advanced search functionality, so all that is left to do is take 50 bajillion screenshots of the creatures! I'm not sure when it will go live, but it's functionally complete at this point. Repo is here.
  9. Quick update: I just finished the input/output structure and of the advanced search. The next step is to program the "build-a-query" for it and then it's onto the final step of taking screenshots of all the critters!
  10. I've been working on a web page make it easier to use the data. Here are some screenshots. I still have a fair amount of it data wrangling to do, but this what it will look like for the most part (aside from the Advanced Search option that I haven't started yet). When it's finished, it will be hosted here on tarkinswg.com.
  11. Notes: You do not get the deed back should you choose to destroy the structure. This is due to how the buildings are placed in the world by an admin (no deed is associated with them). There isn't an automated option to sell the structure back to the Imperial Housing Authority; Once you buy a structure, it's yours to use in that location. You can transfer the ownership to another character using the /transferStructure command as you can with any other structure. The system is really all about "location, location, location" and allowing players to buy the special buildings without requiring the player to wait for a Game Master to help them. There should still be plenty of space in the cities to use deeds the same way as always, though parts of towns that are on strange angles will most likely be populated with IHA buildings, because admins are able to line them up at the correct angles.
  12. Thank you for doing this enormous amount of work! Seriously, that was a crazy amount of effort and dedication. Good Job!
  13. If "removable drive" means "usb stick", then yes, that is totally the problem. Even a USB hard drive is going to considerably slower than if the drive were connected to the internal SATA interface, particularly if Windows keeps letting it go to sleep. Move the game to your internal hard drive and see if that resolves the issue. If your internal hard drive doesn't have enough space, make some space.
  14. Are you using any client side mods, particularly ones that replace the combat music? If so, try removing them. I make this suggestion based up on three things. 1. This issues doesn't happen to the rest of us. 2. There is definitely something wrong with your client (or less likely, Windows). 3. You said the issue happens at the end of combat and the biggest client related thing that happens at that point is the music changes from the repeating combat music file to the end combat music file.
  15. If you're unable to get the launcher to run in Linux using Wine, then you can download all the files required to play the game using the Bash script that I have attached to this comment. 1. Download the script. 2. Open a terminal where the script is saved and type bash linux_downloader.sh The files will be put in ~/tarkinsrevenge When there is an update, generally speaking you will only need to download a new tarkin_custom.tre file. Here is a command to download just that file. wget -c https://tarkinswg.com/tre/patch/tarkin_custom.tre -O ~/tarkinsrevenge/tarkin_custom.tre If you want to download a copy of the current file manifest that includes the file MD5 sums, click here. linux_downloader.sh
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