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  1. Tekmo

    Fresh Blood

    Wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for the suggested reading. I've read more about the server than played on it. /wink
  2. Tekmo

    Fresh Blood

    Hello all, Tekmo here, Day 1 player from the Valcyn galaxy(I know I played on one of the lowest pop live servers) I have been looking around at all the servers available to play pre-CU SWG and have played on a few in the past(Bloodfin, Revelation and a couple others). I just gotta say this server is the most attractive to me. Just one question though. I want to play a jedi and I notice a lot about them not being Alpha on this server. Does that mean they are gimped and cant hold their own against BH attacks or other players? All done updating time to check it out, /wave
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