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  1. Good discussion all, I also like the load time, or getaway timer.
  2. Good morning TR community. I am writing this post not to complain but to work as a community in support of the Devs to hopefully find a solution or accept, as a community that the fight club – TEF system is as it is. I play Mentieth as one of my characters and have been participating in the fight club. Since it was released, like some of you, I have worked my way up, gathering the things I need to succeed. I understand that at Nym’s, Level 3, a player begins to gain infamy, which increases at every level after that. I believe I entered the bounty system after Level 5 at ~300k credits, hit 600k at 6, and 1.1 million after completing level 7. The bounties cap at 1.2 million credits. I want to be clear that I am OK with this system. I played FC and accepted that I would be on the terminals. As far as I can tell, payouts are ~110K at 3, 250k at 4, working their way up to ~850k or thereabouts after finishing 8. By the time I died, I had made almost 3 million credits, so there is no loss there knowing some BH could get one mil for killing my player. Anyone who has done the fight clubs know that you have to prepare meaning get buffed, not terminal, get foods, foraged foods, get weapons for as many damage types a you can, and have good armor in without holes in resistances, which means interwoven RIS until Level 9 and 10 in which case you need BH because there are some Lightsaber users in there. The time a player must complete an arena starts at 30 min for Level 1 and is around 70 minutes in round 10. Up until this point, I see no issues. I understand, having talked to Lia, that up to three BH may take a mission, fight club or Jedi, and that they may all attack at once with only the BH getting the deathblow receiving the bounty. Still good here. The possible flaw in the system is that as a bounty mark, once you begin a fight club, you are locked in that location for as long as it takes you or until the timer runs out. When you are done, through completion or surrender, you will spawn in a fixed position outside the instance. This is where I believe we need to focus. Having played Jedi on live, part of the fun was the cat and mouse chasing each other all over the galaxy. As a BH, you never knew where your mark was until you tracked them down. As a Jedi, you should always be aware and on the move. If you left yourself vulnerable, it was your fault. As a fight clubber, that option is removed while in the FC. Seeker droids will bring the BH right to your location, and they can set up an ambush. They can then attack you while you load into the world, and have your exits blocked. The similarity in the Jedi realm would be the necessity to meditate at a force shrine at each level up, and that you had to stay there for 30-70 minutes not moving, because if you do you cannot meditate for another 12 hours, which is the lockout for surrendering in the Fight Club. With a 15 second timer on being moved from the instance, there is not enough time to log off either. At this point, I would like to solicit input from the community for suggestions that are feasible for the system to allow for a fair fight/opportunity for both sides. One that I like comes from live, and the Jedi death system is where a Jedi would respawn in a random location on the planet. I would liken this to an underworld fighter using their network to get away after a fight. After a timer runs out or a fight club is completed, randomly teleport the fighter to a location in the wilderness of the world where the fight took place. As a side note, I would ask that a look be taken at the way TEF works with the poison/disease system of CM. I am not faulting anyone for using it, but there could be a flaw in the system that allows for an unfair advantage. A BH with TEF can attack a mark at will; once the damage is done, the TEF opens for the target to attack the BH. With poisons, the first damage tick does not occur until 10 sec after application, with a disease the first application does not happen until 40 sec after application. Until the damage is done, the mark cannot fight back. If timed right, a CM/BH could apply mind poison c, intelligence c, focus c, area mind c, and then use mind poison and area mind poison before the first tick of damage. When it all hits the TEF kicks in, but your bars and pool are shot in a single stroke. A Good CM could get multiple diseases on you and then get poisons on before the time of disease does damage. I did have very strong prevent disease and poison buffs (+250 each) on, but they did not stop application at all. Having talked to another player, who has also run the buffs and has had very few stick to him since he started using them, we postulated that the lack of reciprocal TEF might have allowed the disease/poison application, which otherwise may have helped. On the other hand, I may have just rolled one on all the application saves—just a thought. As for the fight specifics, well done to the three players who took me down, two BH and a third guild member on a speeder as a spotter. I look forward to fighting you all again.
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  4. Build on the reverse engineering and collect x number of ns/smc/DC garb and re a one use schematic so that Master tailors have a shot at making the same clothing with sockets, no guarantee.
  5. These seem like good ideas. Would love to expand my droid capabilities.
  6. I have read the posts that all broken attachments were removed so that anything looted is useable. I applaud the admin efforts on that. Is there a list of which attachments are still in game? A second question regards caps on tapes, specifically regarding CM use of medical experimentation. Can we get from 5 to 12 or is the limit set at 7? As I post this I realize I could ask in Discord, love this community!
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