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  1. Greetings and salutations! Most friends and Steam monkeys may know me as Tankerdco or Sarge. I run around Tarkin as Save Wavingdark.....don't blame me, SWG gave me that name as default...I had a chuckle, then kept it :) I decided the name is pronounced S-ah-ve, moved to the big city in Coronet and became pretentious. LOL :P I've been playing SWG since Beta and stayed till about 2 months before the end. I played more NGE then CU or Pre-CU, due to a pit stop for a year and half in the desert. Came across the EMU project about 4 years ago, got onto Basilisk about 3 years ago and just within the past 6 months my eyes were opened to a bunch of servers I knew nothing about. Tried Sentinels first, liked it. Tried EiF next, still there. Legends about 2 months ago, NGE fix, and now here. The front page description of the changes you guys made, the small tight community and RP options got me on. The experience, vibe and game play changes are going to keep me here. I'm by nature an introvert and rusty on pre-cu SWG, but if you get me at a chatty time, I could be coaxed into a group. I've never been for the destination of full template, being more enjoy the journey type of player. I always try to RP my missions/ activities and professions, looking to build and play a Star Wars character that I want, versus "FotM" or "best of". Sure... TKM is awesome, but unless I want to play a Space kung-fu sniper..... Live on Long Island, NY. 2 Boys, 1 wife and 2 cats and almost at the 50 hump.
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