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  1. Discord Nickname: Axyzed Forum Nickname: Axyzed Info: Rebel, Guild <KA'RA> Timezone: EST (GMT -5) Characters Tarasios Ardune Commando/Smuggler Zanzadar Master Artisan/Master Weaponsmith Vardun Master Combat Medic/Master Rifleman Armitage Calteis Pikeman/TBD
  2. Tarasios stands with Clan Ka'ra.
  3. Only got two real ideas floating around right now, the other two are up in the air. Names are still WiP. A Commando/Smuggler. Probably not gonna Pre-Slice anything I make, but really interested in trying out the drug trade. A Crafter of some sort, most likely armor or weapons A Ranger, which I haven't decided on Rifle Marksman or a Melee profession. And finally I am thinking of a Jedi, just to see what it is like gameplay wise, and what true fear feels like as Icav and Azira hunt me down.
  4. Really excited to experience the game you love so much. Congratulations on seeing it all come together! Can't wait to play.
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