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    Hi everyone, I'm a disabled US Vet. that has just completed my Cybersecurity degree. I have been in both the US Army and the USMC. Over the last twenty plus years I have worked in the Aviation industry. My disability include the Occipital Nerve that runs up the back of your head. I would rather someone hit me in the head most days. luckily for me my wife found information on swgemu. After looking into a few other servers I found Tarkins. Most days I hurt pretty bad but if I can help in game please let me know. I will say that my chars are low level but I take blaster bolts to the head like no one you've seen. I will have a few char I will be on. Claton, Koska, and Yeti are all mine. PS thats to Ka'ra for dividing up the drinks and food so starting char can afford them🙂
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