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  1. 7/5/19 [Increased] Character count to 5 -happy wedding gift to all our players! 7/4/19 [Added] Wedding scavenger hunt event [Added] Man-shaped husk event mobiles [Modified] Incubation system slightly to allow for pet deeds that exist outside the usual file structure 7/2/19 [Fixed] Medical rating for commando bunker 6/17/19 [Fixed] Stability issue with camp despawn 6/12/19 [Added] Paintings to picture printer & viewscreen printer
  2. [This event will go live Friday 7/5/2019 sometime around 6:30 CST] Paradym and Liakhara are getting married! But all of the items they need for their wedding have been misplaced. Talk to the wedding coordinator in Coronet (just outside the starport) to help them get this show on the road. There will be rewards for successful completion, and you can complete the scavenger hunt once per character. In addition, it has been rumored that Liakhara turns husbands into man-shaped husks. It seems unlikely that there is any validity to these claims, but the presence of several oddly man-shaped beings inside the city limits of Coronet, Theed, and Mos Entha does call this into question... These poor creatures will be in-spawn for a week, and will be very nice for the pocketbooks of those who can kill them. (They drop cash only, no loot.) Note: The wedding coordinator droid will give you a photographic image and a verbal hint to get you started as you look for each item. The maps in the post below will be invaluable for finding each location. In addition, it is highly recommended to download the POI maps mod (which will be hosted and available later today). This will override your normal in-game maps with these special POI maps. If you use them for the event, feel free to delete them afterwards if you don't wish to use them for normal play. To install the mod: 1) Download the POI Maps mod LINK. 2) Navigate to the folder where your Tarkin's Revenge installation of SWG is located. 3) Open the texture folder (if you have one) or create one if you don't, and open it. 4) Unzip the POI Maps mod into this texture folder - directly inside, no subfolders. 5) Close all open clients and re-open them, if you had any open. And finally, as a special wedding gift to all of you players - along with this update, you will be granted one more character slot, for a total of FIVE characters on Tarkin's Revenge!
  3. All the GCW armors are equivalent to composite. You can see our code here: https://github.com/TarkinII/Tarkins-Revenge/blob/develop/MMOCoreORB/bin/scripts/object/draft_schematic/armor/armor_galactic_marine_chest_gcw.lua
  4. 6/11/19 [Added] Veteran Rewards 6/9/19 [Modified] DNA Template crafting formula to produce better results on speed, to-hit, and damage 6/7/19 [Added] Chance to forage a Creature Egg by searching lairs 6/6/19 [Added] Incubator functionality 6/2/19 [Added] Creature Egg draft schematic, also modified some max values on enzymes 5/29/19 [Added] Functionality to Enzyme Re-Processor 5/27/19 [Added] Functionality to Enzyme Refining Tray [Added] Functionality to Centrifuge [Added] Initial radial options to Incubator, Centrifuge, Refining Tray, and Re-Processor [Added] Draft schematics for Incubator, Enzyme Extractor, Enzyme Centrifuge, Enzyme Refining Tray, and Enzyme Re-Processor 5/26/19 [Added] Incubator, enzymes, enzyme extractor [Fixed] a couple vehicle deed names [Added] Multiple vehicles are now colorable [Changed] DNA Extractor item type to Generic Item instead of Trap [Modified] descriptions on enzyme centrifuge, enzyme refining tray, and enzyme re-processor 5/23/19 [Fixed] Mission direction choice no longer uses player's facing direction
  5. Career Ideas: Forager Scouts can search lairs for live creature samples, or an unknown creature's egg. These will both be in demand for Bio-Engineers. Enzyme Harvester Anyone can use an Enzyme Extractor to extract a raw Hydrolase Enzyme from a creature they have killed. You can sell these to Bio-Engineers who don't want to take the time to extract their own. Enzyme Refiner A Novice Bio-Engineer or above can use Hydrolase Enzymes and crafted tools to produce Isomerase and Lyase Enzymes in various colors, and sell those to Bio-Engineers who don't want to refine their own. Isomerase will always refine to a random color, but it's possible to get the specific Lyase color you want by using particular combinations of ingredients. Eggmaker A Novice Bio-Engineer or above who combines enzymes to make eggs that other Bio-Engineers can use to incubate pets. Once you've worked out the specific combinations, you SHOULD be able to reliably craft eggs that will give any set of three stat bonuses the end user wants. These could then be applied on-demand to stock or special order pet deeds.
  6. We are pleased to introduce a new feature, coming this week: Pet Deed Incubation! Our version was inspired by the NGE pet incubation (though does not follow it exactly), and Tatwi's design document from Legend of Hondo. ======================================================================== What is pet deed incubation? It's a totally optional secondary process that a bio-engineer can perform upon pet deeds, after they have been crafted. Think of it as "slicing for pets" - thank you to Tatwi for that reference! It happens in three phases, and will improve the stats of the pet deed, but you can craft and use pet deeds without doing this step if you so choose. However, if you're going to do it, it must be done before generating the pet for the first time. It can't be done after the pet deed stops being a deed. ======================================================================== - How to Incubate a Pet Deed: the Quick & Dirty Guide - You need an Incubator Station (craftable at Novice Architect) to perform the incubation process. You will need: 1 Pet Deed (crafted by a Bio-Engineer) 1 Creature Egg (this can be crafted by a Bio-Engineer using 3 Hydrolase Enzymes, 3 Lyase Enzymes, and 3 Isomerase Enzymes, or can also be "foraged" by searching creature lairs.) Put the Incubator somewhere in your house and stand nearby. Open the input hopper on the Incubator using the radial menu, and place the pet deed and creature egg inside. Close the window. Use the radial menu on the Incubator and choose "Incubate Pet Deed." Wait while the magic happens, and see what stat modifications you get! ======================================================================== - The Tools of the Trade - Incubator Station * Craftable at Novice Architect. * Identical in resource and component requirements to the Food & Chemical crafting station. * Also functions as a Food & Chemical crafting station, so you no longer need one of those to craft pets, if you have an Incubator Station nearby. * Put one Pet Deed which has not yet been incubated and one Creature Egg into the Incubator Station's input hopper, and a Bio-Engineer can use the radial menu to begin the three-phase incubation process. Enzyme Extractor * Craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer. * Takes 40 organic and 60 steel, and has a varying number of uses, dependent upon resource quality (66% DR, 33% OQ). * Useable by any player, on a corpse they have loot rights to, to extract a Hydrolase Enzyme. Each corpse will only yield one enzyme. Enzyme Centrifuge * Craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer. * Takes 180 aluminum, 75 fiberplast, and 1 electronics GP module. Quality does not matter. * Put one Hydrolase Enzyme into the centrifuge and a Bio-Engineer can use the radial menu to convert the enzyme into two random Enzyme Elements. * The Enzyme Centrifuge and its contents will be consumed upon use. Enzyme Refining Tray * Craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer. * Takes 75 crystalline gemstone, 60 liquid petro fuel, and 110 metal. Quality does not matter. * Put one of each Enzyme Element (A, B, C, D, and E) into the tray and a Bio-Engineer can use the radial menu to convert the Elements into one random-colored Isomerase Enzyme. * The Enzyme Refining Tray and its contents will be consumed upon use. Enzyme Re-Processor * Craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer. * Takes 180 aluminum, 75 fiberplast, and 1 control unit. Quality does not matter. * Put two Enzyme Elements and one Live Creature sample into the re-processor and a Bio-Engineer can use the radial menu to convert them into one Lyase Enzyme. The color of the enzyme you get will be determined by the combination of Elements and Live Creature sample you use. * The Enzyme Re-Processor and its contents will be consumed upon use. ======================================================================== - The Enzymes - Hydrolase Enzymes * Extracted from dead creatures using an Enzyme Extractor (craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer). Any player can extract Hydrolase Enzymes (but if you don't have at least Scout, the corpse may disappear too quickly to use the tool). * Cannot be extracted from extremely high level creatures. * Contain two values: Enzyme Purity and Mutagen Potential, both of which play a role in which stat modification you get during the phase of incubation where the enzyme is used. * High Purity or Mutagen Potential also increases your chances of having an Epiphany (gaining a rare schematic) Mutant schematics are determined by Mutagen Potential, as well as whether or not you are combining your Egg with an appropriate creature deed. Purity affects chance to gain a regular creature Epiphany schematic. * One Hydrolase Enzyme is required for each phase of incubation. Enzyme Elements (A, B, C, D, E) * Created by processing one Hydrolase Enzyme in an Enzyme Centrifuge (craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer, usable by Novice Bio-Engineer or higher). * One Hydrolase Enzyme yields two random Enzyme Elements. Isomerase Enzymes * Created by processing all 5 Enzyme Elements (one of each Enzyme Element, A-E) in an Enzyme Refining Tray (craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer, usable by Novice Bio-Engineer or higher). * Comes in ten colors (random color is created). * Color plays a role in which stat modification you get during the phase of incubation where the enzyme is used. * One Isomerase Enzyme is required for each phase of incubation. Lyase Enzymes * Created by processing 2 Enzyme Elements and 1 Live Creature Sample in an Enzyme Re-Processor (craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer, usable by Novice Bio-Engineer or higher). * Comes in ten colors, and which color you get depends on the combination of Enzyme Elements and Live Creature Sample used. * Color plays a role in which stat modification you get during the phase of incubation where the enzyme is used. * Has a randomly generated Baseline stat, which plays a role in whether or not you have a chance to have an Epiphany. (Bigger Baseline isn't necessarily better - what you're wanting is a match with your Reference number on your Egg. If you get a match, you have a chance to have an epiphany. How great that chance is, depends on the Purity or Mutagen Potential of your Hydrolase Enzyme.) * One Lyase Enzyme is required for each phase of incubation. ======================================================================== - The Creature Egg - * Craftable at Novice Bio-Engineer. * Takes three Hydrolase Enzymes, three Isomerase Enzymes, and three Lyase Enzymes ======================================================================== - Questions - What are the stat modifications I could get during incubation? - Level decrease (one level possible per phase) - Addition of Light Armor to a pet with No Armor (this modification will only apply once, regardless of how many times you "get" it) - Increase in HAM by 2%-8% per phase - Increase in one resist (+10 to +20 Kinetic or Energy, or +10 to other resists - one resist increase possible per phase) - Increase to-hit by 5%-22% per phase - Increase in min and max damage by 1%-5% per phase - Decrease in attack speed by 3%-6% per phase (caps at speed of 1 - lower = faster = better) Okay, but how do I get the stat modifications I *want*? -That's something you're going to have to figure out! The color of the Isomerase Enzyme, the color of the Lyase Enzyme, and the Enzyme Purity and Mutagen Potential values of the Hydrolase Enzyme all affect the stat modification you're going to get, and the combinations it takes to get each different stat modification are different for each of the three phases. Document all of these stats and what you end up with for each phase, and you'll be on your way to figuring out the "magic!" I heard something about Epiphanies? -Yes, you can have a chance to have an Epiphany (i.e. earn a random rare pet schematic) during every phase of incubation. Whether or not you have a chance at all to have an epiphany during a phase depends upon whether the Reference number you got for that phase is a "match" for the Baseline value on your Lyase Enzyme. And your chance of succeeding at the epiphany if you do get a match is based upon your Hydrolase Enzyme's Purity or Mutagen Potential value. The higher the value, the better your chance of having an epiphany. Purity affects your chance to get a regular creature Epiphany Schematic. Mutagen Potential affects your chance to get a mutant Epiphany Schematic, BUT you will only get the mutant Epiphany if the deed you are combining your Egg with is of the right creature type - i.e. if you are incubating a Dewback deed, you'd get a Horned Dewback. If you're incubating a Langlatch, you wouldn't get a schematic, because there is no mutation for a Langlatch.
  7. You should just be able to click play on the launcher with the game running, and it will launch another instance. If that for some reason isn't working for you, go into the user.cfg file in your SWG installation folder, and make sure it contains this text: [SwgClient] allowMultipleInstances=true You can have up to three instances running at a time on Tarkin's Revenge.
  8. 5/23/19 [Fixed] Mission direction choice no longer uses player's facing direction [Fixed] String entry for item junk dealer value (will show when Jawa faction is high enough)
  9. Discord Nickname: Liakhara (Liakhara#2578) Forum Nickname: Liakhara Info: Codemaster Admin Timezone: CST (GMT -6) Characters Liakhara Master Ranger/Master Swordsman Bindi'i Swordsman Stacker Walter Merchant/Jack-of-All Trades, Master of None Rasheba Master Bio-Engineer/Master Creature Handler
  10. Please post here your suggestions for titles or badges you'd like to see added to the game. I have an appalling lack of creativity when it comes to these kinds of things!
  11. 5/21/19 [Added] Missing painting to loot tables [Removed] Some loot items from Kahmurra facility to be used in a later update [Added] Draft schematic for medbag at novice medic 5/19/19 [Fixed] Capped sample DNA command at creature level 75 [Added] Added Medical Service Terminals to cloning facilities [Fixed] Fixed generic quests giving slicable briefcase [Added] Treasure Map loot adjustments [Added] Direction choice for destroy mission terminals as a radial option on the terminal 5/18/19 [Added] Medical Bag to organize pharma. Works with heal damage/enhance/pet/wound and cure packs. [Added] Added cooldown timers for Heal enhance/state/wound (one in buff window, the other on the first food/chem crafting tool found in inventory or med bag) 5/16/19 [Added] Creatures for eventual BE pets [Added] DNA Extractor craftable item. Bio-Engineers can use to extract 1 DNA sample from a corpse. [Modified] Mission names based on lair name from string file to improve readability 5/14/19 [Added] Having 4000+ standing with Jawa allows the player to see the junk value of items [Added] Two Junk Dealers have returned to Mos Entha [Added] Many items now have a junk value (not retroactive) 5/9/19 [Added] Generic Quest Giver Improvements. Rewards 1 item, some credits, and some faction standing.
  12. The Tarkin Creatures Database is now LIVE, with much thanks to Tatwi for his hard work in putting it all together for us!
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