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  1. I recommended that it not be allowed to spawn lower than a crafted one (third paragraph). As in max damage can not be lower than x amount, even if it starts at the best craft able. A minor tweak.
  2. So I woke up this morning and was excited to see one of my guild members looted a NS motor and put it into my drop off box. But upon examine I was highly disappointed. Now I know some of the other stats are better than the example of a better crafted one that I made. If you add the min+max damages of both together the NS motor is only slightly better. If the NS motors are going to remain this rare then shouldn't they be better than a crafted enhanced version? I think I've looted 4 sets of NS motors in my time here since Aug 2019, the best having I think 97 max damage. I'd say that I do a fair amount of Nightsister hunting. The resource I used for my example of the crafted motor was SB Desh copper and a pretty decent Platinite copper and a +25 vibro enhancement to max damage. So it has some slight room for improvement. Only thing I would recommend is a change to the low end of the damage spawns to be slightly better than a crafter's best. I would hate to use that in a weapon for someone. Players using a Vibro weapon (Fencer/TK or Pikeman) have a hard enough time making a great weapon. I was chatting just yesterday I think with Smiles in game about Blasterfists. I explained to him on how rare a NS motor was plus the time needed to go get a schematic and sub component. I think he was considering changing professions, but that is a question for him. These are just my thoughts and I welcome other insight from fellow Weaponsmiths.
  3. Guild hall will be located in Coronet.
  4. Guild: PHO-TEK, Inc. <PHO> Faction: Imperial (some neutral alts) Recruiting: Yes Guild Leader: Onafa Ere Guild Officer: Hanford "Big Dawg" Dixon Asharin "Hitman" Anderan Guild Members: Beyluk Taly PHO-TEK originated on the Kauri server. Serving the community primarily as a mining and commerce guild. Our original home town was Dearic on Talus and then the player city Tantiss, Naboo. Plan on helping each other out and activities together.
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