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  1. Discord Nickname: Akwilly Forum Nickname: Alaskanwilly Info: All factions, currently rebel/neutral Timezone: AKST (GMT-9) Characters Cookie Shasta Grape Hongkong Phooey Ackipo
  2. Ditto, all of those sound good. Perhaps one for looting an exceptional item. Stuffed animal collection, badge and collector title. But we dig it!
  3. We dug the shit out of it! Would love to see similar events in the future! Thanks again!
  4. Does merchant take points? Gonna do a ws/sm/merchant, doc/sl, stacker and idunno... names shall be determined upon creation. 😊... might have a mayor in there somewhere also.
  5. As a meat popsicle.. Glad to see the resurrection, welcome back ladies and fellas! Looking forward to checking out the crafting.
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