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  1. Credit goes to Dren Kara, I borrowed this macro and adjusted it to my needs. Feel free to adjust as needed. Below are the buff macros I use.Invite Alias: (This only needs to be done once)/alias ll /invite (that is two lower case Ls)Create the Macros belowTo begin buffing just type /macro sbuffMacros:Flo CODE: SELECT ALL /flo 1; /pause 2; /flo 2; /pause 2; /flo 3; /pause 2; /macro flo DBuff CODE: SELECT ALL ;/sing Dance buff starting now, don't forget to /watch me!; /pause 2; /startdance exotic3; /pause 150; /sing Dance ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopdance; /pause 5; /macro mbuff; Mbuff CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Music buff starting now, don't forget to /listen to me!; /pause 2; /startmusic jazz; /pause 2; /startmusic; /pause 150; /sing Music ending in 5 seconds!; /pause 5; /stopmusic; /pause 5; /macro dbuff Invite CODE: SELECT ALL /pause 10; /ui action startChatReply; /ui action chatCursorHome; /ui action chatCursorRight; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatDelete; /ui action chatEnter; /tell <your name here> Clearing tell target; /macro invite Spam CODE: SELECT ALL /sing Buffing 125% dance and music. Send a /tell for an invite! ; /pause 1; /auction <your name here> is buffing 125% dance and music in <your location here>. Send a tell for an invite!; /pause 300 /macro spam; SBuff <-- This is the only macro you call CODE: SELECT ALL /register; /macro spam; /pause 1; /macro invite; /pause 1; /macro flo; /pause 1; /macro dbuff;
  2. Guild recruitment has been closed, the guild focus has shifted to family and friends. Support to new players and players in general will still be offered as we can. We look forward to assisting and playing alongside everyone in the future.
  3. The above post was me, wasn't until after it posted I noticed the kid signed in. I will have to look into that..however I digress. As far as motors go, I wouldn't mind the drop motors being rare af..IF the craft in sub comps dropped in usable stacks and stats.. a speed reduction crafted into the motor is nice... but not when I know I have a 95% of getting a speed slice on the end result. That being said, I have not farmed nyms guys for the enhancers in a minute.
  4. To piggyback on this, most of the droids can only have a few modules per or a socket package (3modules), even the larger droids (load lifter) can only hold a pair of modules. The most effective droid chassis is the advanced r3 at 6 total modules via 2 packages. I have more but keep getting distracted, I will return to add to this. all of that being said, @Liakhara thank you for everything you do!
  5. The Golden Horde Guild Leader: Shasta Grape Officers: Ego, Valentine, Jade Faction: Open (Contain ALL factions) The golden horde is a small family guild, specializing in helping out anyone that needs help and enjoying the game. The majority of us are on the far east coast in Alaska, with members spread all over the world. We would love to cause death and destruction along side you. Feel free to contact any <GOLD> member in-game and we can do what we can to get you sorted.
  6. Discord Nickname: Akwilly Forum Nickname: Alaskanwilly Info: All factions, currently rebel/neutral Timezone: AKST (GMT-9) Characters Cookie Shasta Grape Hongkong Phooey Ackipo
  7. Ditto, all of those sound good. Perhaps one for looting an exceptional item. Stuffed animal collection, badge and collector title. But we dig it!
  8. We dug the shit out of it! Would love to see similar events in the future! Thanks again!
  9. Does merchant take points? Gonna do a ws/sm/merchant, doc/sl, stacker and idunno... names shall be determined upon creation. 😊... might have a mayor in there somewhere also.
  10. As a meat popsicle.. Glad to see the resurrection, welcome back ladies and fellas! Looking forward to checking out the crafting.
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