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  1. Sorry you said that ParadymShift. If you are referring to the usual 10-15 players when you say "judging by the number of people still playing without the need for C and D buffs", more power to you. I remember when Kinshi said if we could get 40 players consistently, he would keep the server going. A special player meeting was called, but 40 players could not be gotten, so the server shut down. It seems rather obvious to me that something is wrong with Tarkin 2, but you are the owner, you can do whatever you want. And you can do it without me. Perhaps one day you too will realize that something is wrong with Tarkin 2. All I ever wanted on Tarkin 2 was a Jedi. Comments have been made by staff members that Jedi are not an alpha class on Tarkin 2, so there is no reason for me to stay. Perhaps Jedi have been altered as much as the rest of the game, I don't know. Tarkin 2 still requires the village, which offers completely useless skills for Jedi. The village needs to be deleted from the game imho, and another server has headed in that direction by offering a quest after the village is completed to refund all 24 skill points required to complete the village. I think the next step for them is to eliminate the village completely. I've made a good suggestion to try and increase the player population, however it was not accepted. Good bye.
  2. I do have a suggestion, bring back C and D buffs.
  3. Just curious, is the staff of Tarkin 2 pleased with the number of players on the server?
  4. My problem has been solved, I took the above advice, transferred the game to a internal hard drive and all is well now. Thank you all so much for your advice and caring.
  5. I have tried everything I can think of and the problem persists. I turned off my antivirus(Avast Premier) and scanning program(Malwarebytes) to no effect. I just logged into another SWG server and everything is fine there, no problems, and the antivirus and scanning programs were both active. The only other thing I can think of is that I am running Tarkin on a removable 128gb drive. Could this be the problem? Other than that, I am out of choices. I think I will need to reload the game and see what happens. I am not using any mods.
  6. I do have the tarken custom tre file of that size, so all should be good. I also do not have Windows 10, have been warned against it by many people so I am using Windows 7 Home Premium. I tried to force an additional update again and it went through all the way. What do I do if this does not solve the problem, haha?
  7. I have forced an update and got a message that files were missing and to run the update again. I did this 4 times, each time got the same message of missing files.
  8. My computer has Intel Core [email protected] 3.60GHz with 16GB ram. Graphic card is NVidia GTX 1080(driver is up to date) I have not had this problem before and have played other games which are more graphically demanding than is SWG, including other SWG servers. I have recently noticed that this freezing also occurs while hand sampling at the collection of the actual sample. I have mentioned this problem before in general chat and you replied that it sounds like a desync problem and suggested I soft log and if that doesn't work to hard log. I did both soft and hard logs however the problem remains the same. Sometimes I play with 2 instances open, the second instance being hand sampling, but it seems to make no difference to the problem. However usually I play with just one instance of the game open. I am wondering if perhaps I need to reinstall the game?
  9. I have been having problems with the game freezing upon only the last killing stroke with each creature. It was not too bad when I was killing one creature at a time, however now that I have gotten spin attack, the game is freezing constantly and has become unplayable. Is there a solution to this? Please help.
  10. Am wondering if the launch date for the server is still the first quarter of this year?
  11. It has been a while since I made the suggestion to eliminate the skill point requirements in the Village and make the Village voluntary, and I am wondering if there has been any discussion with the beta tester group and Lia and if so, what their opinions were?
  12. I am not sure where this question should go, so am putting it here. I am curious how the staff feels about server wipes? Are any wipes planned or are server wipes never going to happen?
  13. Hi, sorry, but Discord does not function well on my computer. No idea why, but I have trouble getting to the chat box to enter a message and then when I am able to message, I can't see the chat. Just life I guess.
  14. OMG, Thank you so much. To even think that my suggestions might come about and be incorporated into the server makes me one happy camper. I remember on Live that the village used to be skill point free at one time because I remember taking my TKM to the village and earning some of the skills there. BTW, how does one become a beta tester?
  15. Again, in my personal opinion, participation in the village needs to be strictly voluntary and skill point free. While Jedi is my primary focus, if I am to have a Jedi on this server I would like the aforementioned changes to the stock emu Basilisk Jedi. Jedi have enough going against them without losing the 24 skill points in the village. Most of the skills obtained in the village do not benefit Jedi as much as would the use of the 24 skill points in other standard skill trees such as force defense, force healing and force enhancement. (Master lightsaber is a given and just too good not to have.) If I can get my way, whoopee!!! If not, well that's just life and the way things go. I sincerely hope my thoughts will be considered.
  16. If I remember correctly, when I played Tarkin 1, the ability to have a Jedi was granted after having mastered 5 elite professions ( not to include those professions that could be obtained from blue frogs) across all characters on your account. There was no FRS system in effect at that time and Jedi had to be applied for in the forums. In addition, the character you wanted to become a Jedi had to be a completely/totally new character with no masteries. Do you remember this? Personally, after having several Jedi on severs using the FRS system, I find that the 24 skill points used in the FRS system could be used in other areas with much better effect. I think the FRS/village should be made voluntary, perhaps even skill point free. This is purely a personal opinion, but I always regretted "wasting" the skill points in the Village.
  17. Thanks for your input. What are the requirements for having a Jedi please?
  18. This is a very important topic for me. I have played on a bunch of emu servers, have had Jedi on most of them, and have left them due to, what in my opinion, is the servers not following their own rules and regulations. I will give an example, but will not mention the server name. The rules of this server regarding visibility were that visibility would only be obtained from equipping a Jedi lightsaber, robe, or using a Jedi skill within 32 meters of a NONCOMBAT npc or other player, as was stated in the servers forums. I went to Fort Tusken, did not equip a lightsaber until I was actually there. I never wear a Jedi robe since my regular clothing has SEA's in it to aid in combat. I had not played my Jedi in a long time, so had no visibility before getting there, yet the same day I went to Fort Tusken, I was attacked by a BH, while inside a med center. This raised two questions for me. How did my Jedi obtain visibility and, to my knowledge BH's were not able to attack a Jedi while inside a public building, so how did this happen? There were no players at Fort Tusken the entire time I was there and again, to my knowledge, there are no NONCOMBAT npc's at Fort Tusken. I placed a forum post and got an entirely different answer regarding ways a Jedi gains visibility. The answer to my post was by a staff member, who shall remain nameless, and it said Jedi gain visibility when equipping a lightsaber or robe, or using a Jedi skill within 32 meters of ANY npc. A link was given by the staff member to emu regulation. What should I believe, a forum post or the information from the link? I had never seen the information before that the link referred to. This was a very unfortunate situation for me as my Jedi was full template, which I am sure everyone knows is about 75+ million Jedi xp. So I am wondering if the visibility on Tarkin 2 is gained from being within a certain distance of ANY npc or a NONCOMBAT npc or player. I just want to know beforehand how things stand. There were replies to my post by players asking me to stay on the server and to be honest, I think the server was having low population problems. I liked the server, but I will not play on a server that does not follow its own guides. I would also like to know if BH's on Tarkin 2 will be able to obtain armor with lightsaber resists? On another server I played on, BH's were able to obtain armor with up to 80% lightsaber resists. I quit the server when this was implemented. To me, this was very unfair, especially when up to 5 BH's can attack a single Jedi, and Jedi could not help eachother. I just want a Jedi to be able to help friends in instances, I am not interested in pvp as I play another game where pvp is all I do.
  19. Thanks. I hope the launcher is easy to use unlike before where extra programs had to be downloaded to make it work.
  20. I am not sure exactly what "Q1" stands for, could you please clarify?
  21. Any idea when the server is going to be live?
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