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  1. Okay, it's basic, it's cross-universe grand theft trade dress, and the slogan is downright corny, but then I thought, "That's what makes it perfect". Even to the black outlining sort-of suggesting the shopping bag is stitched cloth with the suns sewn on.
  2. Available from the Stormtrooper officer TX-732 in the Mos Entha City Hall ( Tatooine /way 1447 3405 , the vendor in Stormtrooper armor), the Starting Gear Pack (Mark II) is a fifty-item-capacity backpack that contains: A mini-suit of bone armor with 52%-to-54% resists (helmet, chest plate, leggings, and left bicep). Not sliced. All six no-cert basic weapons (CDEF Carbine, CDEF Pistol, CDEF Rifle, Heavy Axe, Survival Knife, Wood Staff). None sliced. A 14.91 quality generic crafting tool and a mineral survey device. A shellfish harvesting tool. A crate of 10 Stimpack-As and a medicine bag. An Improved Camp Kit (with bank and insurance terminals) and a Multiperson Camp Kit (with garage function). In short, everything you need to start pursuing any basic profession you like, no matter what starting profession you selected in character generation. And the price? 2,500 credits. A great bargain, brought to you by Mayor Ephyuri Aglyn, to welcome you to your Tarkin's Revenge adventure.
  3. Slight error. Although expressed as a +, PUPs lower the cost of specials for the indicated attribute, as can be seen by looking at the cost listed on your weapon before and after applying a PUP. You accordingly want the absolute highest percentage on the PUP you can find, for the attribute your weapons has the highest cost for.
  4. Yes, you can grind Wilderness Survival XP away from the keyboard. 1) Buy or otherwise acquire a shellfish harvesting tool. 2) Put the shellfish harvesting tool in your toolbar. 3) Go stand (not swim) in water, and use the following WildXP macro, adjusting the toolbar slot specified as appropriate: /ui action toolbarSlot00; /pause 9; /macro WildXP You will gather both wilderness XP and a bunch of mollusk and crustacean meat as a result.
  5. That's right, every time a Meatlump drops a cheap copper battery, or a Hidden Dagger drops a spinner blade, Aglyn Enterprises is offering you 2000 NOW 5000 credits for it. Drop them off in the drop box in the Mos Entha Starport Mall (/way 1088 3008) and cash in! Both Meatlumps and Hidden Daggers can be found on Corellia; mission terminals with the mission level set to Mid 2 will generate missions for them.
  6. All right, I have a Phantom Blade Generator and a Tenebrous Edge Schematic, and I'd like a nice, high-end Tenebrous Edge as a result. What else do I need? I also have a whole laundry list of other items that you might be interested in getting from me, and which I'm willing to trade both for other needed components for my Tenebrous Edge and for the labor/materials to make it. Special Components: Acid-Tipped Xris Blade BWDL19 Rifle Trigger CR-1 Blast Cannon Barrel Jinkins J-1 Rifle Powerpack (x2) Pulse Cannon Barrel RSF Medallion Tusken Flanged Mace Head Schematics: Acidic Paragon Vibro Axe Schematic Bothan Bola Carbine BWDL19 Rifle Schematic (x3) Disruptor Pistol Schematiic E-Web Rifle Schematic (x2) Electric Polearm Schematic Jawa Ion Pistol Schematic Jinkins J-1 Rifle Schematic (x3) Kalranos Carbine Schematic KYD21 Pistol Schematic Pulse Cannon Schematic Schematic: Enhanced E11 Carbine Schematic: Featherweight FWG5 Pistol Sinew Wrapped Knife Schematic UR-G8 Pistol Schematic WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle Schematic Witches' War Fan Schematic General Components: Finely Tuned Vibro Motor (2), -0.3 attack speed High Frequency Vibro Motor (4), 6% wound chance High Frequency Vibro Motor (2), 6% wound chance (x2) High Frequency Vibro Motor (3), 5% wound chance High Powered Energy Capacitor (2), 20.9 maximum damage High Velocity Feed Meachnism (3), 20.4 maximum damage Kliknick Gland (4), 58 max / 20 min / 19 wound Kliknick Gland (4), 89 max / 20 min / 16 wound Large Energy Capacitor (2), -0.3 attack speed Precision Tuned Weapon Scope (2), 25/25/20 HAM, 25 medium range mod, 20 wound
  7. Discord Nickname: SEE (Ephyuri/Lruka/Ita/E'Kre) (SEE#1317) Forum Nickname: SEE Info: Imperial Timezone: Mountain (GMT -7) Characters Ephyuri Aglyn Master Architect/Master Artisan/Master Merchant. Lruka Ajeq Teras Kasai Master/Master Fencer/Pistoleer 0040. Zisaxa Jox Master Creature Handler/Ranger 0440. Ita Kostaye Master Doctor 0400/Master Fencer. E'Kre Tsaha Master Chef/Master Tailor/Smuggler 0404.
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