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  1. Just wanted to post some info/thoughts on effort vs reward. I don't want an overflow of crazy loot, but I do want farming to feel rewarding and for me, part of that is having the feeling that there is a chance of looting something amazing. For Yellow/Exceptional/Legendary chance there's some code that makes higher CL monsters more likely to drop them. A while ago this got nerfed on default emu: LootManagerImplementation.cpp line 305 Old code for reference, changed in pub 8 i think: float adjustment = floor((float)(((level > 50) ? level : 50) - 50) / 2.f + 0.5); what this means: CL50 monsters have the chance listed in loot_manager.lua to drop an exceptional item, 1 in 100 000 for default emu. CL300 or higher monsters have (300-50)/2 +0.5 = 125.5 chances in 100 000 to drop an item as exceptional [1 in 796] So there used to be a massive scaling based on CL Current code: float adjustment = floor((float)(((level > 50) ? level : 50) - 50) / 10.f + 0.5); CL50 monsters' odds remain the same I think, 1 in 100 000. CL300 or higher monsters have (300-50)/10 +0.5 = 25.5 chances in 100 000 to drop an item as exceptional [1 in 3922] So even with this formula there is still a massive scaling based on CL, but chances are extremely low. When looking at krayts as an example, I feel like 1 in 3922 is basically non-existent. For example, there are 9 ado/grand/ancient krayts at the graveyard with a 30 minute respawn. Instantly killing those 24/7 would mean 1 exceptional drop every 10 days, on average. This will obviously not happen so chances are much lower. Buffing the droprate or adjusting the CL scaling formula both have a similar effect. Having 2 items per monster drop, also doubles the chances. Legendaries are 10 times more rare, which I think is a good thing, they can be game-breaking, so I wouldn't increase their rate at all. I don't want to cry for buffs, especially not before I've tried it out ingame. Improved loot groups can definitely improve your chances of looting useful Exceptionals, but in general the default emu rates are extremely low. So I wanted to bring it up, see how other people feel about this. Should exceptionals be almost non-existent? Or should you have a reasonable chance of getting one when target-farming something for many hours every day?
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