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  1. Hello, Tailor request: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N5F6etZdHLikAW2lwHHaFpAjGtB-2p2Sjg7oUXRbAis/edit?usp=sharing Kindly mail me in game or reply here as to the cost of my request(s). I am still new and getting money is... well, you know. I'll need time to gather the funds. SWG Tarkins Revenge -Trade.pdf
  2. My entire life I have heard about, and listened to the music of: "Dizzy" Gez'leke... to be in his presence truly is humbling, even if he's here just for atmospheric purposes... or so it seems with all the unattentive eyes, the clattering of small bottles from the bar, and the dim echoing rumble of voices. I never really fancied Sabacc but the tenants here are perfect for a nice game I suppose, perhaps I'll join. I'd settle for a small glass of Ithorian Brandy if it weren't imported here and so expensive... I have enough with dumping most of my credits to {Ka'ra} foods to come here and leave the rest... as if I didn't work hard ridding the galaxy of Rebel camps... I digress, the music is too relaxing for this.
  3. Hello, While in the SWGEmu launcher I can just check a tickmark to run multiple instances I do not know how to achieve this with the Tarkins Revenge launcher. Can someone please clarify?
  4. I saw my first today. It was the Bounty Hunter type and it was super amazing!
  5. Hey ya'll. Bob here. In game I go by Ego Sum Singularitas or any variation of that. Very happy to be here and hopefully soon be a contributing member to what feels to be an amazing community. P.S. That's Clawie, one of my 5 cats.
  6. While I can't know the amount of time and work poured into this, I can say I am enjoying every bit of it and thank you deeply. Never knew of Tarkin, but sincerely I have been having a lot more fun here than in any other SWG iteration (other than live) and I've been to most! To think I've just started and have loads to discover... so cool.
  7. As a new member to the server I must say, I am having so much fun. I cannot fathom what went into the making and what goes into keeping things up, etc., but thank you.
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