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  1. From: SWG Wiki & other online source(s) /grouploot Sets loot options. Typing /grouploot will bring up the below-menu where you can set Free For All: You loot you keep Master Looter: Only group leader gets the goods Lottery: You select what you wish to keep from a window: Random: As it implies, from anything looted by anyone, anyone in group can receive it. /makeleader Sets the target as group leader. /leavegroup Removes yourself from the group. If you are the leader a new one will be set automatically. /invite Invite the named or targeted player to a group (only group leaders can invite additional people into an existing group). /uninvite Cancel the group invitation to the named or targeted player. /join Joins group or band if you have been invited. /makeLeader Group leader only - transfers leadership to named or targeted group member. /makeMasterLooter Make the named or targeted player the master looter for the group. /groupchat Sends message to group channel. /dismissGroupMember Dismiss the named or targeted player from the group. /disband Group leader only - disbands current target, or entire group if no target is named.
  2. I don't presume to talk for Lia or Paradym, but here are a few things I feel are and have been important to me as well as making my time in Tarkins Revenge so meaningful: From the SWG voting site: https://topg.org/server-tarkin-s-revenge-id511391 We are a small group and solo experience server, with a staff that is actively focused on providing a fun, realistic roleplay environment. Our development team implements new content geared towards a realistic Star Wars experience. We want players to have the base game they love, with some quality of life adjustments to make their time in game much more rich and fulfilling. Buffs are much, much lower than you will find on other servers. Reduced buffs makes content a lot harder, and you need to actively manage your secondary stats through stat migration and food/drink in order to be most successful in combat. “C” and “D” crafted doctor buffs have been completely eliminated. Player cities as you know them do not exist on Tarkin’s Revenge. There are currently three cities you can settle in – Coronet, Theed, and Mos Entha. We want players to run into one another and interact. We also have a friendly, fun galaxy chat in addition to an active Discord. What got me to play here? Honestly this: This is just the beginning of your new Star Wars story... give us a try, you won’t be disappointed. I have had such a fun time. Things are not easy, but they're not overwhelming. Professions are actually cool to try, and the activity of the player base seems more than enough to keep the markets open and continuing steadily. Armor and Weapon repairs can easily be achieved through asking in Discord with a 24-hour turn around most times. Do I wish there were more people around? Sure I do! However, the quality of folk playing I would not change for a larger quantity of folk. I played many SWG emulators/server, spent the most time in SWGEmu but towards the end I was unhappy most of the time. Since being here I want to play again, things are fun, and people are fabulawsome!
  3. Hi, From experience here are a few good things to keep in mind when starting: Alien races such as Ithorian and Wookie have a hard time finding armor presently, although requests are not just welcomed, but very-well received (Mid-2019) Hit the missions terminals, BUT remember to call up the radial menu to call up the mission difficulty as well as mission direction and easy-it-up! Get your terminal starter buff(s). After you get some credits go to Corellia, Coronet, (if you're not already there) and look in the bazaar terminal for armors that interest you; prices are very fair. If you're after crafting, there are harvesters being sold around the galaxy as well as tools and resources, the bazaar search is your best friend! Rasheba has a terminal in Corellia, Coronet where starting you can get a Bio Engineered mount/pet. Rasheba, myself, and a few others can train the creature to be a mount for you (in case your starter vehicle gets destroyed in transit to a mission or resource). That's it, after that I believe you are set! Jedi you say? Doable, maintain the knowledge that the server has increased difficulties in some dungeons, buffs are lower, and has rules for PvP enabled if: You are Jedi You are actively farming faction through killing NPCs Have fun and see you around 😄
  4. Discord Nickname: Ego Sum Singularitas Forum Nickname: Materia Tenebris Info: Faction: Imperial, Guild: (The Golden Horde) <GOLD>, Timezone: EST (GMT -5)(Near Philadelphia, US) Play time(s): After 10PM most days, others from 6AM to about 1AM Characters EgoSingularita Ithorian: Master Pikeman/Brawler Ego Twi'Lek: Master Artisan/Merchant & Entertainer (dance & music) EgoSum Bothan: Master Creature Handler & Rifleman EGOSlNGULARlTAS Zabrak: Master Squad Leader & Rifleman
  5. I know some people that will be thrilled about the additional slot. Thank you, congratulations, and see you in-game!
  6. While I wait to get the schematics, for this armor, is there a place where I can see what materials it takes to build? I looked in Galaxy Harvester but couldn't find anything. I want to be able to gather important parts of the armor for an Armorsmith (AS) to use. Something like this which will allow me to hunt for server best materials at my leisure to give to the AS with my request.
  7. Hello, Tailor request: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N5F6etZdHLikAW2lwHHaFpAjGtB-2p2Sjg7oUXRbAis/edit?usp=sharing Kindly mail me in game or reply here as to the cost of my request(s). I am still new and getting money is... well, you know. I'll need time to gather the funds. SWG Tarkins Revenge -Trade.pdf
  8. My entire life I have heard about, and listened to the music of: "Dizzy" Gez'leke... to be in his presence truly is humbling, even if he's here just for atmospheric purposes... or so it seems with all the unattentive eyes, the clattering of small bottles from the bar, and the dim echoing rumble of voices. I never really fancied Sabacc but the tenants here are perfect for a nice game I suppose, perhaps I'll join. I'd settle for a small glass of Ithorian Brandy if it weren't imported here and so expensive... I have enough with dumping most of my credits to {Ka'ra} foods to come here and leave the rest... as if I didn't work hard ridding the galaxy of Rebel camps... I digress, the music is too relaxing for this.
  9. Hello, While in the SWGEmu launcher I can just check a tickmark to run multiple instances I do not know how to achieve this with the Tarkins Revenge launcher. Can someone please clarify?
  10. I saw my first today. It was the Bounty Hunter type and it was super amazing!
  11. Hey ya'll. Bob here. In game I go by Ego Sum Singularitas or any variation of that. Very happy to be here and hopefully soon be a contributing member to what feels to be an amazing community. P.S. That's Clawie, one of my 5 cats.
  12. While I can't know the amount of time and work poured into this, I can say I am enjoying every bit of it and thank you deeply. Never knew of Tarkin, but sincerely I have been having a lot more fun here than in any other SWG iteration (other than live) and I've been to most! To think I've just started and have loads to discover... so cool.
  13. As a new member to the server I must say, I am having so much fun. I cannot fathom what went into the making and what goes into keeping things up, etc., but thank you.
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