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  1. Hagen

    New Armors

    Freaking feel like a kid again in T'R'Us... Mommy/Daddy I want all the things! Have q good one, Hagen. P.S. why the bleep do the rebs get a DT looking helmet?
  2. Retainers are due up front, with fifty percent of agreed on fee's due at beginning of the contract. After you see what our "skill set" can do... you'll understand why prompt payment of the remainder is..necessary. Have a good one, Hagen
  3. Hagen Nor'ak: Master Commando/ TKM (I think I can still get medic with that...) Ilad Raken: Imperial. I want to do something with Squad leader and CM. This is going to be my bigger RP character. Sometype of crafter and maybe a cheesebot rebel. We'll see what I have time for. Have a good one, Hagen
  4. Wants all the heavy weapons.... On the heavy Acid Rifle, if I read it right, it hits with acid damage and then will have a heat DoT? I can't express how excited I am to have something else to use besides the flamethrower. Have a good one, Hagen
  5. Are the loot drop components going to drop from the same areas as the skems, or are the components going to be basic random drops? Want all the things, but blast and buzz are highest on the list. Have a good one, Hagen
  6. This is truely helpful as I as well am not organized and forgetful of such things. Have a good one, Hagen
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