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  1. Discord Nickname: Zentra Forum Nickname: Zentra Info: at some point Imperial (i'm being lazy), Guild leader of <SHDWS> Timezone: EST (GMT-5) Characters: Zentra- Sword stacker Brianna- Master Dancer/Master Musician/crafter ( possibly make a smuggler) Kalicokat- AS/WS crafter (nothing serious) Aluralynn- TKM/Ranger (eventually)
  2. I loved that there were single player mobs out there dropping good loot. Since we are a new server it is hard to get groups going all the time. I enjoyed having the Matriarchs available to down as groups as well.
  3. Guild Name: SHDWS (SHaDoWS)Guild Leader: ZentraOfficers: Eeklo, Ferdewyn, Garamoore, and possibly more to comeFaction: (if applicable) undecided but probably Imperial A small blurb or long blurb about the guild.- The core group of us played on Ahazi on live, and we have stayed in touch ever since. We have added to our guild through other servers and games and enjoy helping guild mates out however we can.
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    Those are awesome!!
  5. Happy for you both! Looking forward to playing here. Lia you are amazing for all you have done! You to Icav for your support and work as well. Also I've said it before but congratulations for your upcoming wedding!
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