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  2. Just an FYI - any mod involving icons or palettes has the potential to conflict with our custom icons & palettes!
  3. Here are some of the MODS ones I use: ModPack with a ton of MODs: https://1drv.ms/u/s!As9mPynfN74LhREVMNhDDgkSIgkx Better Astromechs: https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?resources/better-astromechs.35/download Nice bank terminals: https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?resources/very-nice-bank-terminals.32/download My Dantooine 2.0: https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?resources/my-dantooine-2-0-by-eastwind.25/download Better Rain Textures: https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?resources/better-rain-textures-by-matthewstarwars.22/download Custom login background: https://tarkinswg.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=42 Skolten flat HAM: https://tarkinswg.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=77 True Blakc: https://www.eqsanctum.com/download/file.php?id=20 Kryat Dragon and Poster painting: https://himalayasswgemumodsite.weebly.com/uploads/1/9/1/1/19116385/painting_pack1.zip Websites I get them from: https://himalayasswgemumodsite.weebly.com/mods.html https://www.eqsanctum.com/ https://modthegalaxy.com/index.php?resources/categories/mods.2/
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  5. 11/14/19 [Fixed] Case where players were able to move forbidden objects 11/11/19 [Modified] Damage on Executioner's Hack and added a slot for Rancor Tooth to bring it into line with the CU/NGE weapons [Increased] Loot chance for NS Vibro Motors from Nightsisters [Removed] Non-functional experimentation line from RIS segments [Added] New billboard ad [Added] Thanksgiving Event to go live Nov 28, 2019 at noon server time 11/9/19 [Modified] Encumbrance for hitLocations with multiple equipped armor parts (arms and legs) will now use an average of the encumbrances of the relevant armor parts, rather than the sum of all the encumbrances. Players will be able to wear full suits of armor (or however many additional pieces they wish) at the encumbrance cost of four pieces, instead of nine. Mini suits will not be affected, they will work exactly as they do now. 11/7/19 [Modified] FS quest Phase 3 turrets and Sith Shadow Thugs to be more in line with Tarkin damage expectations. 10/26/19 [Added] Decommissioned (roleplay) military armors to the junk shop owners. These armors offer no protection, have no encumberance or faction requirements, and have no sockets. They are solely for appearances.
  6. Let's say you want to make a chat room for yourself and a group of players. You're not in the same guild, and for whatever reason, you don't want to group up. What do you do? Create a chat room, of course! Chat rooms can be private (only joinable by players who have been explicitly invited) or public (anyone may see the channel in the chat listing and join). Chat rooms will persist through logging out, server resets, etc. Players can leave a chat room any time they wish, and creators may delete chat rooms that they have created. To create a chat room: 1) Right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel. 2) In the screen that pops up, click to expand "Tarkin's Revenge" then click on "Chat - public chat for this server..." to highlight that line. Then click the Create Channel button on the left. 3) In the next window that pops up, give the room a name and description. Room names must be all one word, no spaces, no punctuation or special characters. And if the chat room doesn't create, you may have used a word it didn't like in the description. For instance, it doesn't seem to like the word "private." Try again using a different description. I'm pretty sure it's using the Restricted Names List as a filter, so check and see that you're not using any words on that list. You have two checkbox options here, Private Chatroom and Moderated Chatroom. Private Chatroom means a moderator must invite players to join, and they won't be able to see the chat room as an option unless they are invited. Moderated Chatroom means only moderators may post in the room. 4) If all went correctly, you'll see the new room in the list, and you'll have a new chat tab for the room. To invite someone to a private chatroom: You must be a moderator in the chat room to invite other players. There are two ways to invite someone to a room. The first way is via slash command. If you are a moderator, you can type "/chatr invite PLAYERNAME ROOMNAME" which will give that player the ability to see the chat room in the list, and they can then join it. For example: Player names ARE case-sensitive. In the example above, typing the player name as "bindi'i" will not work, it has to be "Bindi'i" with a capital B, because that's how the character was created. Double-check with the person you are trying to invite if it tells you "avatar not found." You should see the following message if the invite was successful: The player who has been invited will see a message like this: The second way to invite someone is through the info menu. See the instructions for "To make someone a moderator in a chatroom" below - you'll use that same window, but click the Invite button, and type the name of the person you want to invite. To join a chatroom: If you want to be invited to a private chatroom, ask someone who is a moderator to invite you. See the step above. If you want to join a public chatroom, or you have already been invited to a private chatroom, right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel. Click to expand "Tarkin's Revenge," and "Chat - public chat for this server...", and you will see a list of available rooms to join. Highlight the room you want to join, and click the Join button on the left. A new chat tab will be created for this channel, and you can click the Done button. If the room is not a moderated room, you may start chatting in there. Only moderators may post into a moderated room. Everyone else is read-only. To make someone a moderator in a chatroom: You must currently be a moderator (or the creator) of a chatroom to make other people moderators. If you want other people to have the ability to invite players to a private chat room (or kick, or ban players), you'll need to give them moderator permissions. Right mouse click on any one of your chat tabs (spatial, combat, general, etc) and choose Join Chat Channel. Highlight the room you want to set permissions for, and click the Info button on the left. This will bring up a window that shows everyone in your chat room. Click on the name of the player that you want to make a moderator, and click Set Moderator. You can revoke moderators, uninvite (cancel someone's invite who hasn't joined yet), ban, unban, and kick players from this window as well.
  7. That's right, every time a Meatlump drops a cheap copper battery, or a Hidden Dagger drops a spinner blade, Aglyn Enterprises is offering you 2000 credits for it. Drop them off in the drop box in the Mos Entha Starport Mall (/way 1088 3008) and cash in! Both Meatlumps and Hidden Daggers can be found on Corellia; mission terminals with the mission level set to Mid 2 will generate missions for them.
  8. Friday, November 1st, 7:30 PM Central US time -465 -4670, Coronet Dark Intentions will be opening its doors for a dance party & costume contest. Wear your scary, creative, or just plain silly costume to Coronet's only Industrial nightclub, owned & operated by Icav Ribe. We'll see you there! ((This is a roleplay event - please come in character & respect those who are roleplaying))
  9. 10/24/19 [Added] Species costumes, usable by humans, to transform into an alien species for roleplay 10/20/19 [Added] Galactic Moon Festival Event
  10. It's a spooky time of year, and we've created a spooky haunted dungeon for you all to conquer! Check out this post on our website detailing where you'll find the haunted dungeon, and what kind of rewards you can get for making it to the bottom. Some notes regarding the Halloween costumes (skeleton & undead) - they don't work exactly like the roleplay species costumes. They are meant to be more temporary, and as such, they don't persist past logout, and due to some quirks with some of the species, they have some slight differences.
  11. 10/6/19 [Added] NGE signs to houses. 9/15/19 [Increased] max character length for building signs to 256 characters. [Fixed] Issue with pet dyes not persisting on wild-tamed pets.
  12. Hey Bajaron, you can find the various details about where houses drop, where they can be dropped and lot cost here. https://home.tarkinswg.com/index.php/articles/20-nge-houses
  13. I recall , from the original Tarkin server of a few years ago, that the various NGE houses could be obtained, mostly as loot, from various locations, etc. For example, I recall the sandcrawler was loot from Ft. Tusken, and the Bespin house was loot from the NYAX bunker ... but I can't remember any more details beyond that. If someone knows, perhaps this could be posted somewhere. bajaron
  14. The download of the launcher itself is throwing that error, or trying to use the launcher is giving that error? I can tell there's a typo there though. It shouldn't say "patchs/tring", it should say "patch/string" within that link.
  15. Seems a file may be missing (or no longer needed?): Thanks in advance!
  16. Thanks for the help getting this login/password working on the forums! Now I am looking forward to installing the game!
  17. 9/7/19 [Fixed] Stability issue. 9/3/19 [Added] Recruiter to Emperor's Retreat. [Added] Custom tips loading screens. 9/2/19 [Added] Custom splash screens when logging in. 9/1/19 [Modified] Temple of Exar K'un permissions [Added] Type attribute to pet control devices. This will list the specific creature type, even if the pet has been custom named. [Modified] Future tamed pets will drop the word (baby) from pet name once they reach adult level. This will not affect pets that have already reached their adult level before this update. 8/30/19 [Added] Pet Grooming Kit, craftable by Bio-Engineers, which may be used by players to re-color their pets. Works on wild-tamed and crafted pets. 8/28/19 [Increased] Number of vendors at Master Merchant to 20, and number of items for sale to 8000. You must drop Master Merchant and re-train at the skill trainer to receive this increase. [Removed] Vulnerabilities from Chitin Armor Leggings that were previously missed. [Fixed] Hues on Giant Peko Peko.
  18. I'm interested in buying the pulse cannon barrel & schematic as well as the CR-1 blast cannon barrel.
  19. Let me drop something different here from Iceland Skálmöld - teachers who decided to follow their passion for history & music. Result? Icelandic viking metal. Might know them from Eurovision this year, Hatari. Vintage Caravan, they formed the band when they were 12 years old. Psychedelic rock. You might have heard of them with their rising popularity in the US, Kaleo. Rock. Quarashi, one of Icelands first rap bands. That should cover a bit of a different appeal 🙂 now I just hope that the embedded links work. Edit: embeds did not work.
  20. If you end up taking these to general market I'd love the BWDL19 Rifle trigger piece!
  21. Intrested in the Jenkins packs and the mace head. Offering 50k each. And a few others that I cant remember at this time. I will be in touc!
  22. All right, I have a Phantom Blade Generator and a Tenebrous Edge Schematic, and I'd like a nice, high-end Tenebrous Edge as a result. What else do I need? I also have a whole laundry list of other items that you might be interested in getting from me, and which I'm willing to trade both for other needed components for my Tenebrous Edge and for the labor/materials to make it. Special Components: Acid-Tipped Xris Blade BWDL19 Rifle Trigger CR-1 Blast Cannon Barrel Jinkins J-1 Rifle Powerpack (x2) Pulse Cannon Barrel RSF Medallion Tusken Flanged Mace Head Schematics: Acidic Paragon Vibro Axe Schematic Bothan Bola Carbine BWDL19 Rifle Schematic (x3) Disruptor Pistol Schematiic E-Web Rifle Schematic (x2) Electric Polearm Schematic Jawa Ion Pistol Schematic Jinkins J-1 Rifle Schematic (x3) Kalranos Carbine Schematic KYD21 Pistol Schematic Pulse Cannon Schematic Schematic: Enhanced E11 Carbine Schematic: Featherweight FWG5 Pistol Sinew Wrapped Knife Schematic UR-G8 Pistol Schematic WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle Schematic Witches' War Fan Schematic General Components: Finely Tuned Vibro Motor (2), -0.3 attack speed High Frequency Vibro Motor (4), 6% wound chance High Frequency Vibro Motor (2), 6% wound chance (x2) High Frequency Vibro Motor (3), 5% wound chance High Powered Energy Capacitor (2), 20.9 maximum damage High Velocity Feed Meachnism (3), 20.4 maximum damage Kliknick Gland (4), 58 max / 20 min / 19 wound Kliknick Gland (4), 89 max / 20 min / 16 wound Large Energy Capacitor (2), -0.3 attack speed Precision Tuned Weapon Scope (2), 25/25/20 HAM, 25 medium range mod, 20 wound
  23. Hi all! I'm Laurie, mother of Ronan and wife of Jay (who you may know as Lanko/Xandros/Harkan/Flint or Sskar here on Tarkin's Revenge!) I work for a hunger relief nonprofit in the Pacific NW. Obviously, food is important! I love to cook and I'm a total foodie - I'm so lucky to live somewhere I can expand my palate AND get my favs. I'm an avid reader of (mostly) fiction in a plethora of genres, love to create from jewelry to art in a variety of mediums. I grew up primarily in the deep south but have moved all over the country - both with my family, as my dad was in the Army...but also on my own. I have lived in Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia, Mississippi, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, California and SW Washington. I'm also a MMO-loving gamer who has played EverQuest (Taylah of the guild Heaven on Earth on Saryrn), SWG from shortly after launch to three days post-NGE (Taylaria Master Rifles/Master Dancer on Intrepid - mayor of Tal Valor, Naboo, member of Soldiers of Honor <SOH>), World of Warcraft (Taylah - guildleader of Slackers on Lothar) and I've also played Rift, SWTOR & Conan Exiles. I also spent a number of years running Savareen, a roleplaying community on Rori while playing SWGEmu Basilisk. I adore creating fun house signs in game, producing flyers for businesses and events, creating logos, putting together menus, as well as always being available to help create fun names for events and businesses. I fancy myself a fair photo manipulator, too. I love in game organization and deco, obviously! (some samples) Hit me up if you need design help for a billboard, house-sign, etc. Will take in game credits.😉 Maybe I'll start Tarkin's first ad agency, lol. I played on Tarkin I, was a staff member on Tarkin II, and now enjoying Tarkin's Revenge (and doing a smidgen of brainstorming and art with two of my favorite people and good friends, Lia and Paradym!) My characters here are Taylaria (tailor and dancer), Taylah (swordsman/stacker), N'yalia Kyrdaan (pikes/ranger), Kyska Glavi (working out BH/Pistols) and Laqi Sey (soon to be smuggler/TK). My hope is to find RP on each of those characters! I may as well introduce my characters as well as myself... Laqi - my brash, half-Zabrak slicer. N'yalia - fairly stoic, diplomatic half-Kiffar. She's a Mandalorian of Clan Kyrdaan. Taylah - Coruscanti, former mayor, dancer, mother. She became a Mandalorian upon her marriage to her now-ex, but is a bit distant from the culture now that the connection is lost. Taylaria - "Laria" to her friends. She earns her living dancing and running a high-fashion clothing shop in one of the less affluent neighborhoods. She'll drink you under the table in the local cantina if you don't watch out. Kyska isn't well known to me yet, a little firebrand with a quick tongue and quicker draw. I am excited to get to develop her! If we ever get a 6th character slot, I may have to bring back my CH Mir'eth from Tarkin I - I miss her!
  24. 8/25/19 [Modified] Several creatures to be tamable: Bageraset Bruiser (mountable), Canoid Pack Leader, Dalyrake Matriarch, Dwarf Gronda (mountable), Elder Gronda (mountable), Gronda Juggernaut (mountable), Gronda Patriarch (mountable), Gulginaw (mountable), Majestic Plumed Rasp, Sharnaff, Sharnaff Bull, Swamp Humbaba (mountable), Alpha Veermok, Bolle Bol, Elder Gualama (mountable), Giant Cave Veermok, Giant Peko Peko (mountable), Gualama Patriarch (mountable), Ikopi Stag, Maverick Gualama (mountable), Mountain Ikopi, Narglatch Guardian, Narglatch Hunter, Narglatch Matriarch, Plains Hunter, Rogue Falumpaset (mountable), Rogue Fambaa, Veermok Guard, Veermok Pygmy, Female Mountain Squill, Mountain Squill Guardian, Mountain Squill Hunter, Rogue Bantha (mountable), Bantha Matriarch (mountable), Cannibal Dewback (mountable), Grizzled Dewback (mountable), Swarming Lesser Dewback [Modified] Now mountable: Greater Gulginaw, Devil Gulginaw, Dappled Gualama, Humbaba [Fixed] Some camera angles, animations, strings, and shaders 8/24/19 [Reduced] Texture sizes on billboard textures [Fixed] An issue with Horned Dewback not being speedy enough [Added] Three more wanted posters - Ithorian female, Sullustan female, and Sullustan male [Modified] Billboard shader & should now correctly decrement when removed from a city
  25. If you have resources on your vendors or the bazaar, please de-list and relist all of them, we identified an issue that when you examine a listed resource it will crash a client, so just de-list, pull them off the vendor and then relist them. This will resolve the issue, sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!
  26. 8/22/19 [Added] Lock on waypoint object in vendor offer mail code, as per MrObvious's suggestion [Updated] Credits in ReadMe [Added] New billboard ads [Fixed] Some lua templates [Fixed] An issue with Ion Relic Pistol not displaying properly on vendors [Added] Wanted Posters as craftable, writeable items 8/21/19 [Modified] New player email & character creation welcome message to reflect the new website and the 5 characters allowed 8/20/19 [Fixed] Issue with billboard removal
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